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"All the stars were aligned," he said, his eyes twinkling. "This beautiful woman … literally tripped and fell into my life." And so began the interview as Prince Harry joined hands with his future wife, Ms. Meghan Markle. The Prince had fallen in love and all the world with him – but what do the stars really have to say about their union?

Let’s begin by looking at their horoscopes (or zodiac charts) for a quick overview, and then move on to a midpoint astrology (also known as Cosmobiology) Synastry analysis. Synastry is the unique study of relationships – the potent scientific comparison of the actions and reactions planets have upon two people.

Ms. Markle’s Sun, her basic self-expression, is in Leo, a fire sign, and indicates generosity, self-confidence, and executive ability. What a great way to describe the successful actress who hosted a popular lifestyle blog and created her own fashion line. And a Sun in Leo with its directive nature is quite compatible with Prince Harry’s Sun in Virgo, which takes a more analytic approach to life.

Ms. Markle Natal Chart

Ms. Markle Chart

And yet with all these endeavors, her Mars, representing her energy, is in Cancer – a homey sign that is known for its protective and absorbing qualities. This is seen on a much larger stage in the kind of work Ms. Markle does off-screen. Throughout her life, she has been an advocate for gender equality and women’s rights – issues have carried her through the continents and across the globe where she has met with a variety of world leaders. And a protective Mars in Cancer makes a perfect complement to the Prince’s Mars in Sagittarius, which is always on the move.

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There is one curious cluster of planets in Ms. Markle’s chart – her Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter, all tightly positioned in the Cardinal sign of Libra – and this gives us a keen insight about her nature. On the 90° midpoint astrology wheel, her Moon is conjunct Saturn at 0° 58′ and her Saturn is conjunct Jupiter at 0° 49′ – the Moon also spans Jupiter, though at a wider orb of 1° 47′. What do these aspects mean?

Saturn brings an austerity to the Moon emotions. There is no drama here – just a cold simplicity that accepts life’s responsibilities. And Saturn to Jupiter means dependability, practicality, and sometimes gives a philosophic outlook known as the ‘happy worker.’ Moon Jupiter midpoint will amplify all this. Or as Ms. Markle succinctly puts it: "I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches – I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works."

Now to the synastry! A synastry is a midpoint astrological comparison between two people. The word ‘synastry’ comes from Latin and means ‘together with the stars,’ or the combination of the stars’ influence.

Prince Harry Synastry Chart

Prince Harry Synastry Chart

Interesting this couple shares only four Moon midpoints, reflecting a less intense emotional (Moon) bond than we’ve seen with other couples. You may recall that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had an amazing 15 Moon midpoints between their charts. Perhaps there is a different sort of connection here….

Take the ‘curious cluster’ of Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter (Virgo-Cardinal) Ms. Markle’s chart which opposes her Uranus (Scorpio-Fixed) at 26° 03′. Normally, these aren’t even considered aspects and become midpoints only when looking at Prince Harry’s Pluto (Scorpio-Fixed) at 0° 33′. Then all three are midpoints with a tight orb.

Prince Harry’s Pluto will intensify the independent, sometimes restless Uranus midpoints as each is highlighted by the Moon for moods and feelings, Jupiter for expansion, and Saturn for structure and accomplishment. We’ll have to see how this turns out as we learn more about their relationship.

There are two distinctly compelling midpoints found between their charts. The first is the Prince’s Sun square Ms. Markle’s Neptune at 0?38′ in Mutable as shown on the 90 degree wheel. Remember, conjunctions, squares, and oppositions in the traditional 360-degree wheel are quickly seen as overlapping planets in this format. The Sun represents self-expression, the person who you are, while Neptune means idealism and intuition.

Ms. Markle’s chart holds the dominant planet, Neptune, and she will energize and inspire the Prince’s Sun or sense of self. And we’ve already seen an emphasis on charity events beginning with their first appearance together at the Royal Foundation, which promotes mental health, help for servicemen and women, and conservation of wildlife. On a personal level, the Prince describes "the fact that I fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly…," and this is exactly the sort of dreaminess found in a Neptune relationship. But once the romance settles into the reality of day to day and those glimmering twinkles of magic are felt only occasionally, the couple must guard against the less attractive side of this aspect. Neptune is notorious for causing confusion and disappointment and undermining what hard work has been accomplished.

The second midpoint is Prince Harry’s Saturn to Ms. Markle’s Sun at 0° 51′ in the fixed portion of the 90-degree wheel, which is much easier to interpret. Saturn is the taskmaster planet that brings structure and order to things and demands a certain sacrifice. Becoming a member of the British Royal Family means abiding in all respects as a Royal, both in private and in public, and while under the frenzied eye of the press. There’s a protocol for just about every behavior – what to say, when to touch, how to curtsy and so on. Shortly after they began seriously dating, Ms. Markle wisely closed her popular blog, the Tig, and shut down all social media. How confining she finds the rest of this new lifestyle remains to be seen.

We’ve seen an easy harmony between Prince Harry and Ms. Markle’s charts, and also two crucial midpoints, which are anchored by the slow-moving, powerful planets of Saturn and Neptune. And this gives a solid foundation for the couple to cope with what lies beyond – life’s challenges and trials, the defining moments, the vagaries of day to day. And to those, we’re certain the stars will be aligned.

Henry Charles Albert David aka Prince Harry: Born September 15, 1984, Paddington, England, 4:20 PM BST.
Ms. Markle: Born August 4, 1981, Canoga Park, California USA, 4:46 AM PDT.

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