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"Now I have . . . a spare," his father said, referring to the pink-cheeked baby with a sprig of red hair. At the time, Henry Charles Albert David was the next in line to becoming the King of England after his brother, Prince William. Thirty some years later, he is now a distant sixth heir to the throne — and he couldn’t be happier!

That space has given him the liberty to share some very difficult times during his life and publicly champion a better understanding of mental health disorders, whether it be for wounded military veterans returning from combat or ordinary citizens suffering in silence.


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There are two distinct parts to Prince Harry’s personality and we’ll see why in his natal chart. He served ten years in the Army and loved his time there, calling it the ‘best escape I’ve ever had." The other soldiers knew him as ‘just Harry,’ and treated him with a camaraderie reserved for one of their own. For a time, the Prince reportedly considered abandoning the Monarchy in favor of becoming a commoner — he desperately wanted to live a conventional life.

What planets attracted him to the military lifestyle? With any inclination of a physical nature — the prince also loves boxing — we normally think of Mars, that fourth planet from the sun named after the God of War. And the prince has a Sun, representing self-expression, which is square Mars in his zodiac chart at an orb of 6°. This is also seen in his 90° midpoint astrology chart where we find a potent Mars semi-square (45°) Pluto sextile.

Prince Harry Natal Chart

Prince Harry Natal Chart

Sun square Mars people are ambitious and energetic and may be given to physical outbursts at times. And Mars semi-square Pluto in the midpoint chart stands for intensity, courage, domination, and even brutality. Who can forget the newspapers filling their front pages with accusations of Prince Harry lashing out at a photographer here and there?

He’s never been fond of the paparazzi and who could blame him? This is the same paparazzi that some feel were instrumental in chasing his mother, Princess Diana, to her death in a fiery collision. But a prince is held to a much higher, stately sort of behavior — one that doesn’t involve punching cameramen.

Now fast forward from the raucous teenager to a mature man in his thirties who has confronted his past and openly discusses his own mental health struggles, whether it’s during a personal interview or hosting the first Mental Health Marathon with the Heads Together Charity. When we think of the fragile spirit that binds our moods and keeps our troubles and sorrows from ruining the day to day — we think of Neptune. Prince Harry’s Neptune aspects and midpoints abound.

Prince Harry Midpoint Chart

Prince Harry Midpoint Chart

His natal chart reveals Sun square Neptune at 5° 46′ and the 90° wheel shows Sun square Mars-Neptune at the very close orb of 0° 08′, Mars midpoint Mercury-Neptune at 0° 01′, Mercury midpoint Saturn-Neptune at 0° 33′ and Saturn semi-square Neptune at 0°49′.

Sun square Neptune indicates idealism and creativity but also may lead to confusion and escapism. The Prince admitted that he felt lost during the years after his mother’s passing and only recently has created a role for himself. Sun square Mars-Neptune is similar to Sun square Neptune and heightens the same kind of energy and emotionalism, while Mars midpoint Mercury-Neptune indicates an energetic, sensitive intellect or an impulsive, restless spirit. And the Saturn Neptune aspects similarly suggest an inspirational person or one who is anxious and easily depressed.

Don’t despair with all this Neptune! Prince Harry has successfully transformed his life to become an advocate for those less fortunate. And there is a bright spot of enthusiasm that we haven’t discussed yet — we’ll meet her in the next blog.

Henry Charles Albert David aka Prince Harry: Born Sep 15, 1984, Paddington, England, 4:20 PM BST -1:00:00

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