The Making of Madness Part 3

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A commune quietly inhabiting a ranch in Northern Los Angeles County suddenly abandons the spirit of free love and strikes out on a killing rampage that shocks the world. Masterminded by a devious leader, nine victims were randomly chosen one weekend and sacrificed in preparation for a so-called apocalypse — a war of the races known as Helter Skelter. What stellar aspects triggered this carnage?

A look at Charles Manson’s transits during the summer of 1969 begins with Saturn opposing the midpoint of Mercury and Jupiter, which became exact on June 12th before Saturn moved on to oppose Jupiter alone on July 5th. This generally creates an indifferent or depressive state and instead of being philosophic, can lead to prejudice and intolerance.

Saturn and Jupiter may explain the bizarre notion of a sudden, apocalyptic end to the earth, but it doesn’t produce the horrific violence seen on August 9th and 10th when Sharon Tate, Leno and Rosemary Bianca and six other human beings were beaten and slashed and shot to death.

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Toward the end of June, Mars became more prominent and was conjunct the midpoint of Mars-Saturn and Saturn-Neptune. We’ve seen the brutality of Mars and with Saturn and Neptune, this will be accomplished in particularly cruel fashion. But these Mars aspects were first exact around at the end of June and again from July 21st to July 23rd — nearly three weeks before that fateful second weekend in August.

There is one aspect, actually a midpoint, which occurred during mid-August and explains Charles Manson’s path of destruction. Saturn in Taurus was conjunct the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto on August 12th, 1969. Because Saturn is a relatively slow moving planet, traveling about a degree a month and taking nearly 30 years to circle the zodiac, we can allow a day or two leeway for the exact moment of conjunction to peak.


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The combination of Saturn and Pluto may lead to a disciplined intensity, which stresses the tenacity of character, or it can degenerate into a harsh and selfish attitude, cruelty, and even murder. Interestingly, in mid-July Saturn first entered the 1.5 ° orb used in midpoint astrology for the larger planets.

On July 25th, a talented musician named Gary Hinman received an unexpected visit from three of Manson’s followers. Once a friend to the family, he had recently become estranged over some sort of dispute. And when Manson mistakenly heard that Mr. Hinman had come into a very large inheritance, he dispatched a team of disciples to rob him. Instead, they tortured him for three days until he lay dying on the floor, clutching his prayer beads and chanting a last Buddhist mantra. Manson himself again had been present and went so far as to cut off Mr. Hinman’s ear with a Samurai sword, but true to his Mars-Neptune form, he quickly left after instructing his followers to deliver the fatal slashes.

But the frenzy was far from over and the wild-eyed ruler demanded new blood. Saturn to Saturn-Pluto gained momentum and became exact just after the infamous Tate-LaBianca killings. This was the chilling spectacle that Manson used to make the world ‘stand up and take notice,’ and corresponded to Pluto’s transformation effect — a culmination of ruthless planning implemented with Saturn’s cruelty.

Please note that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ aspects or midpoints, and in another individual, this same configuration might have reached a very different pinnacle. The disciplined intensity could have led to the attainment of a long-term educational or career goal, a startling discovery, or a critical development in one’s character and core values.

Charles Milles Manson died in prison one week after his 83rd birthday — he outlived his victims by an average of 51 years.

Charles Milles Manson: Born Nov 12, 1934, Cincinnati General Hospital, Ohio, USA, 4:40 PM EST
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