Fearful Follower or Co-Conspirator?

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Two nights of horror choreographed by one wicked vagrant — or were they? How much did this self-styled prophet of doom, noted on his birth certificate simply as ‘Manson,’ influence a twenty-one year old woman? Was she a weak spirit floating in the wind, or a tough-minded killer with ideas of her own?

Susan Denise Atkins, nicknamed ‘Sexy Sadie’ after Manson heard the Beatles song with the same title, was sentenced to death by the state of California on March 29, 1971 for her role in the Tate-LaBianca murders.

The crimes were committed a year and a half earlier in August 1969, when she and other Manson followers went to a home on 10050 Cielo drive with a set of knives, two changes of clothes, and a savage plan that set the world at attention.

An hour and a dozen stab wounds later, actress Sharon Marie Tate lay dying on the floor and begged for the life of her unborn child who was about two weeks from being delivered. Susan’s chilling response: "Look b*tch, I don’t care about you. I don’t care that you’re going to have a baby. You’re going to die and you better be ready."


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Later in a psychiatric report that was produced while she was incarcerated, Ms. Atkins said she did not stab or cut any of the victims at Cielo drive. And no, it was not her idea to write the word ‘PIG’ on the front door with Ms. Tate’s blood — she had been directed to do this. And the reason she didn’t leave the nefarious commune at Spahn ranch earlier? Well, even though people appeared to come and go across the 500 acres of land, she feared for her son and claimed Manson’s followers were constantly watching them.

It’s time to see what the aspects reveal.

Susan Atkins Natal Chart


The first thing that’s striking about her natal chart is the number of planets in fixed houses, which generally insulate a person from being susceptible to another’s influence. There are three planets in Taurus, three in Leo, and one in Scorpio and in these houses, her aspect grid shows a very tight Sun-Saturn square at 0° and 33′. This represents a highly disciplined character, given to persistence and hard work or pessimism and frustration depending on the person. Interestingly, Manson also had a Sun-Saturn square though with a wider orb at 1° and 55′ in Scorpio and Aquarius — the other two fixed houses.

Susan also has Mars square Mercuryat 0° and 31′ — a very close orb and also in fixed houses. Mars-Mercury is an energetic and dynamic thinker who may be given to faultfinding and quarrelsome at times.

Susan Atkins Midpoints

Now her midpoint chart reveals Mars semi-square Neptune at 0° 04′ and Mercury sesqui-square Neptune at 0° 27′. As a side note, you can see the Su-Ma and Me-Mars squares on the 90° wheel much easier, since they appear as conjunctions.

Hmmm, Mars-Neptune sounds familiar … Manson has a natal Mars Neptune conjunction in Virgo, which meant squandered energy, dissipation, and experimentation. Susan admitted that as a teenager she, too, had lent her body to drugs and promiscuity, and finally suffered a complete breakdown for which she spent nearly four months in the hospital.

Mercury-Neptune may suggest a highly creative mind, but in this case became a harbinger of deception — lying, threatening, and robbing, were part of her formative years in what one prosecutor described as a ‘history of escalating criminal conduct.’

The last comparison is a Synastry between the chart of Susan Atkins and her alleged mentor, Charles Milles Manson, on a 90° wheel.


Synastry: Atkins & Manson



There’s a lot going on here so let’s start with the traditional astrology aspects and that is a conjunction [square on a zodiac wheel] of Manson’s Pluto to Susan’s Moon at 0° and 42′. Pluto is a controller and the Moon represents emotions — it’s the rush felt when pleasing a person you admire and the devastation when that person is upset with you. Manson was a master at manipulating people’s emotions and undoubtedly took full advantage of this with Susan as he did with the rest of his followers.

Manson also has an activating aspect at 0° 52′ of Saturn to Susan’s Saturn-Mars midpoint. This combination represents cruelty [Saturn] and brutality [Mars], and was plainly evident in each of the nine murders. But not all the midpoints are one-way.

Susan has a major aspect of Uranus to Manson’s Sun-Pluto midpoint at 1° and 03′. Sun-Pluto stands for intense expression, power, and domination, and Uranus is an agitating, explosive planet — it’s possible that she may have shaped or even ignited Manson’s so-called plans for Helter Skelter during that bloody summer of 1969.

So what’s the final verdict — is it Fearful Follower or Co-Conspirator? You decide!

Charles Milles Manson: Born Nov 12, 1934, Cincinnati General Hospital, Ohio, USA, 4:40 PM EST

Susan Atkins; Born May 7, 1948, San Gabriel, CA, USA, 01:03 AM PDT

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