Transits to Termination

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Being fired is always tough — the most obvious reason is the immediate lack of money, but the psychological impact can be even greater. You’re angry and upset and a million other emotions are bouncing around in your brain as you head to the parking lot for the last time. And while family and friends will commiserate for a short time, they’re quick to find a use for that spare bedroom and declare it suddenly unavailable.

Being publicly fired is even tougher. A headline banner guarantees that everyone you’ve never met now knows of your plight — and they all have formed their opinions. “What took them so long?” “Why, he should go to prison” “I knew she wouldn’t make it.”

Let’s look at the aspects behind three cases of public firings that apparently occurred without warning. We say ‘apparently’ because these aren’t personal clients and what gets reported in the news may have been disclosed weeks or even months beforehand. Names will not be revealed in order to protect the unemployed; however, the birth date and place are listed for each chart.

First out the door is a man who received an overwhelming majority of support when first hired and was well-respected in his line of work. He fully expected to serve his tenure and had even kidded, “you’re stuck with me,” to an audience where he was speaking as a guest lecturer. But a transiting Jupiter and Mars conspired with a different plan.


Midpoint Love-Anger Simplified
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in Love and in Anger

Two aspects were exact in the 90 degree midpoint astrology wheel on the day of his firing: Jupiter conjunct natal Mars in Cardinal and Mars square natal Mars-Neptune in Mutable. And one aspect was within a 2 degree orb and quickly becoming exact, especially since the firing occurred late in the day: Mars square natal Saturn-Neptune in Mutable. Note: the natal planets are on the inside wheel and the transits on the outside.


Mars-Jupiter aspects usually mean good teamwork and harmony but the flip side can show in being reckless, skeptical, or extravagant. Obviously, the man’s boss did not believe he was a ‘team player,’ and perhaps the man was skeptical about the possibility of being fired.

Mars-Neptune here may represent deception as the man was fired under unusual conditions. He and several co-workers thought his work performance was fine and that he enjoyed strong support in the department. Dismissals at his level were quite rare. The only other person fired in the department’s 100+ year history had been under investigation for months and offered a chance to resign. Mars-Neptune may also represent a delusion or false belief, such as having a stable job with secure employment. So when the manila folder arrived with a memo declaring the somber news, it was an ugly surprise.

Mars to Mars-Neptune

Mars square Saturn-Neptune indicates common sense and practicality as a positive manifestation but again may result in deception and treachery. Saturn and Neptune are slower moving planets and this effect will be particularly strong. The man later said he was confused: his boss had recently said he was doing a good job and wanted him to stay in the position. Somehow things dramatically changed within a matter of weeks….

The next exit also occurred quickly. A popular personality abruptly was let go after allegations of lewd and harassing behavior suddenly developed. A victim and her lawyer came forth and spoke with his boss on a Monday evening. The discussion lasted several hours and resumed the following day.
Now, this man had been a stable in mainstream media for over twenty years, known in virtually every household, and commanded an annual salary worth millions. Yet by Wednesday morning, he was gone. What happened?

This time there are no Neptune aspects but instead we find the planet of sudden changes, Uranus. Uranus is originality and a developer — the great awakener to a different way of looking at things. But the ineffective results are arrogance, especially since the man’s natal Uranus was in Leo, reckless behavior, and freedom without responsibility.

Ironically, transiting Jupiter to Uranus is also known as the ‘fortunate release’ aspect and often relieves people from harrowing situations. Midpoint Suicide gives a case example of a young man’s unsuccessful suicide attempt and in Midpoint Love-Anger a woman is suddenly freed from a hopeless marriage. We see the opposite occurring with this man — an ‘unfortunate’ release — After years of being publicly admired, his entire career suddenly was swept away in a cloud of shame and he now faces millions in lawsuits and perhaps prison time, as more victims come forth.


Jupiter Uranus

And the last pink slip goes to a man who had coached a professional sports team to the playoffs and suddenly found himself unemployed when the following season got underway. Managers and coaches often part ways abruptly in sports, sometimes after a long, bitter acrimony. But this case is unusual because relations were good. And though the team was on a losing streak, the coach had barely entered his second season and a number of players were riddled with injuries.

The actual firing came about as Mars conjuncted Uranus in Libra, both on the traditional zodiac chart and in the cardinal group of Midpoint Astrology. This is sort of what you’d expect from that highly combustible atmosphere of competitive sports — Mars with its energy and ambition and desire transiting to ignite Uranus, the revolutionary planet of new beginnings. The result: a quick dismissal.


Mars Uranus

And it turns out there may have been more motive than the simple arithmetic of wins and losses. It was revealed that the coach and the star player had barely spoken to each other during the past year. Tensions ran high during one particular game and spiked when coach pulled the star in the final quarter and put him on the bench. This confused both the fans and the players — later coach said he felt desperate and had to take a risk.

We can see this tension building again with Mars — this time squaring a Mars-Saturn midpoint. This aspect may represent difficult work, either of a physical or executive nature, and dependability. However, the alternate effect may be cruelty, harsh oppression, or vindictiveness. Without talking privately to the coach, it’s hard to know if this was a calculated move or simply a desire to assert himself. But we do know that after that fateful decision, the next day he was fired.


1st Firing: born Dec 14, 1960, Yonkers, NY; fired on May 9th 2017
2nd Firing: born Dec 30, 1957, New York, NY; fired on November 28, 2017
3rd Firing: born Jun 16, 1974, Los Angeles, CA; fired on November 27, 2017
All times used: 12:00 PM for that region


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