Election Deception Part 2

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In the last blog, we described the bitterly fought 2016 Presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and how astrological midpoints correlated with key events. Mrs. Clinton carried a considerable lead in the polls for much of the campaign but this began to deteriorate in the fall as several Neptune midpoints closed in.  

Both Saturn square Mars-Neptune and Mars square Neptune came with debility — her diagnosis of pneumonia in early September — and lasted through October. But just as these were departing, five — yes, five! — more Neptune aspects suddenly appeared.

Neptune Madness
Neptune Madness


The first was Jupiter conjunct Neptune. Traditional astrology keywords tell us that Jupiter is the planet of expansion, opportunity and abundance while Neptune represents idealism, sensitivity, and also deceit. Next came, Mars square Sun-Neptune, which entered on October 24th, became exact on October 27th, and left on October 30th. (It should be noted that even if a later birth time is used for Mrs. Clinton’s natal chart, such as 8 PM instead of 8 AM, the transit times are roughly similar even for faster moving planets like the Sun, and only creep forward to October 26th, October 29th, and November 1st, respectively.)

Mars continued its collision course with midpoints to both Venus and Mercury Neptune. And last, Saturn entered a Saturn-Neptune transit about a week before the general election.

What event was associated with all this Neptune? Let’s look at the aspects for some clues. We know from Jupiter that the event must have been big — something on a grand scale — and from the Sun that this likely was initiated by a man. Pairing Mars with Venus-Neptune disrupted any general harmony (Venus) and caused confusion with Mercury-Neptune. And then a blow of finality struck with deadly efficiency as Saturn began squaring Saturn-Neptune.

Mars to Sun-Neptune
Mars to Sun-Neptune

On October 28th, James Brien Comey, Jr., the Director of the FBI, sent a vaguely worded letter to Congress that the agency, which had previously cleared Mrs. Clinton of any charges related to her personal email server, was going to review some more emails that were recently found in an unrelated case. That was it — there were no secret memos, no special witnesses, no new testimony, and in fact, no new evidence at all. They simply were reading emails.

It’s hard to understand why Mr. Comey felt compelled to announce this review while keeping the investigation of the opposing candidate private. Some have said that he was only doing his job by informing congress but there was disagreement even among his colleagues. The public investigation of a presidential candidate by the FBI — an institution widely respected for its fairness and objectivity — and so close to Election Day, was unprecedented in American history.

Any lead Mrs. Clinton carried in the polls immediately evaporated into the tainted, nebulous air of scandal. Headlines boomed from coast to coast with wild speculations and there was nonstop repetition of Mr. Comey’s letter on talk shows. Then, a week and a half later on November 6th, the FBI abruptly changed course and cleared Mrs. Clinton of any criminal wrong-doing.

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However, the voters were unimpressed. Within forty-eight hours, Mr. Trump became the forty-fifth president of the United States in an election that was decided by less than one percent of the vote in several key states. Six months later, Mr. Trump fired Mr. Comey.

Please note that this blog does not take any political viewpoints — the planets are neutral and so are we. And elections are won and lost in so many ways both publicly and privately. But most would agree that this was one of the strangest contests in the history of the Presidency.

Calculations are based on: Hillary Clinton, Oct 26, 1947, Chicago, IL; time is unknown but believed to be 8:02AM CST.

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