Election Deception Part 1

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The presidential election of 2016 will be remembered as one of the most contentious and bitterly fought contests in American history. Each side was convinced that their candidate not only was the best-qualified but the only qualified candidate. The campaigns spewed contempt and ridicule and sometimes, even blunt hostility at each other for most of the year.

Hillary Clinton was considered the frontrunner for most of the year and widely expected to win. Over the summer, she consistently held about a ten-point lead among likely voters and this strengthened in the fall. Comedy skits on TV and even some major media outlets had all but called the election and it was rumored that she was making a list of people who might fill cabinet positions in 2017 under a Clinton presidency. But midpoint astrology took a different view and revealed signs of a less than rosy outcome.

October was a particularly difficult month for Mrs. Clinton. Infection settled in her lungs in early-September and she was forced off the campaign trail with a diagnosis of pneumonia. Although she quickly resumed her activities, the doctors said a full recovery would take at least four to six weeks.

This debility started on September 2nd, when Saturn transited toward her natal Mars-Neptune midpoint. Mars squared her Sun-Mars midpoint, entering around September 10 and becoming exact on September 13th as her staff physician disclosed the actual diagnosis to the public. Then Saturn continued squaring her Mars-Neptune midpoint and became exact on October 7th. It would stay until the end of the month.

Saturn to Mars-Neptune
Saturn to Mars-Neptune

Mars is the consummate fire sign and represents energy while Neptune is more subtle indicator of either inspiration and lofty goals or a weakening condition; combine the two and often the result is illness. Add Saturn —a rather gloomy planet that slowly plods along with great determination — and the effects of the insidious Ma-Ne interaction will be prolonged. The Mars square Sun-Mars likely worsened the situation by correlating with increased energy that led to over-exertion and ended in being temporarily incapacitated for a few days.

Another Mars-Neptune interchange that had a similar effect happened during the second week of October was a direct conjunction in midpoint astrology and a square on a traditional astrological chart.

Mars Square Neptune
Mars Square Neptune

Mars entered Capricorn at 11 deg 16′ and Mrs. Clinton’s natal Neptune is in Libra at 11 deg 16′. Capricorn and Libra are 90 deg apart in the zodiac and in the same Cardinal group (see Quadriplicities) on the cosmogram.

The aspect lasted about a week from October 10th to October 16th, becoming exact on October 13th.

Midpoint Interpretation Simplified
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However, the debilitating events were far from over. More Neptune aspects would follow in a rapid succession and culminate in a pre-election jolt.

Find out more in part 2 of Election Deception.

Please note that this blog does not take any political viewpoints — the planets are neutral and so are we. And elections are won and lost in so many ways both publicly and privately. But most would agree that this was one of the strangest contests in the history of the Presidency.

Calculations are based on: Hillary Clinton, Oct 26, 1947, Chicago, IL; time is unknown but believed to be 8:02AM CST.

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