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Taurus Lovers

A Stable Lover

In Astrology and Cosmobiology, these are nicely keyed lovers. They are very companionable, slow, careful, and reserved even in their love make-up. Although Taurus people have a sensuous temperament, they are extremely traditional and are not experimenters in love.

They want a steady relationship on which they may depend. The quality of possession is strong in the Taurian make-up. They are eager to have or to own, to acquire -- sometimes even greedy.

They are the hoarders of the zodiac. Their possessiveness will manifest in their outlook about the loved one. They will take good care of the partner but will always want the partner nearby.

Some people feel that this quality of possessiveness represents security and being loved. This is the type of person that will make the best partner for the Taurus person.

The methodical side of the Taurus make-up is effective but at times method may become monotonous. This is why Taurus needs an amusing, interesting, and innovative lover to keep the relationship alive.

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