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Sagittarius Lovers

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Sagittarius Lovers believe love is a partnership in which each party is free to be themselves. This may be difficult at times because partnership in itself leans toward togetherness to a certain extent.

Sagittarian lovers respect your right to be independent but they will expect the same in return. They are not be influenced or controlled in any way by the partner. They want a sounding board and then the freedom to make their own decisions and to a large part live their own lives. The Sagittarius lover is truthful and open with you. You will never have to worry about game playing or evasiveness. There is a special beauty in the open love of the Sagittarian.

They love people. A partner that shares their interest in people and in life is very vital to them. They are not loners in any sense of the word. If you are the type of individual that feels security in honesty and straightforwardness along with the detachment of living your own life, a Sagittarian is the perfect lovemate for you.

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