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Pisces Lovers

An Emotional Lover

In Astrology & Cosmobiology, Pisces Lovers are the most emotional lovers in the zodiac. They are extremely adaptable, being able to adjust to any conditions. They completely submerge themselves in the loved one’s activities or interests.

Pisces lovers may be both gentle dependents and towers of strength. They sometimes have difficulty with everyday decisions and simple life problems, but they may be enormously advanced in understanding the desires of the love mate.

The compassion is so great that this sign, when disciplined, will bring enormous strength to the lives of all the people with whom they come into contact. They instinctively feel others’ needs and possess an uncanny ability to guide an individual into the correct channels.

The sensitivity of Pisces lovers makes them more vulnerable to physical and mental weakness. Moderate living will bring the most happiness in a love relationship with a Pisces.

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