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Libra Lovers

A Romantic Lover

In Astrology and Cosmobiology, Libra Lovers have a great desire for a love partner. Life is sharing to the Libra and cannot be lived alone. They will want to experience all the joys and sorrows of the day with the loved one. If Libra cannot share life in this way then the relationship becomes very depressing for them. This need for partnership creates a dependency that must be understood by the love mate.

You find the same dependency with Cancer and Pisces in a love relationship but in a different way. Libra seeks an intellectual dependency, while Cancer and Pisces search for an emotional dependency.

Libra is in love with love itself. The romanticism or the ‘unreal thinking’ of the Libra, means they will seek harmony or balance at times at a very surface level. Lovely furnishings, soft music, and romantic dreams are a part of life but unfortunately, reality is an even larger part of life. Sometimes it is necessary for the Libra lover to understand this truth in order to build stability and depth in the relationship.

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