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Leo Lovers

A Proud Lover

In Astrology and Cosmobiology, Leo Lovers love and need to be loved in a very special way. Their need for love is the desire to be adored or worshipped. Love always involves an audience. Leo must be the center of the lovemate’s universe or they will not function well in the relationship.

They are generous, affectionate, and love buying gifts and doing elaborate things for their loved one. The make-up is geared so that frequent praise and flattery are necessary to keep the partnership functioning well. Knowing that attention is as important as bread and water to a Leo makes you realize their tremendous neediness.

The Leo lover is excellent with children. In this area, the possessive side of their nature exhibits effective manifestation in great love and caring. They are also extremely generous and magnanimous. However, should the Leo not receive their share of attention, or feel slighted, they may revert to ineffective qualities such as harshness, cruelty, and oppression.

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