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Gemini Lovers

A Versatile Lover

In Astrology and Cosmobiology, Gemini Lovers are by nature versatile and active. People falling into this category are bright and intelligent. They have a good awareness, are quick at conversation, and learn easily.

Restlessness is a strong part of the Gemini nature that must be restrained. This restlessness may be a factor in maintaining a good love relationship. Gemini is quickly attracted to an individual and may be very fickle about the union. Impatience and the inability to relax keep the relationship from developing into anything more than just a surface contact. Boredom may
lead to a series of unfulfilling relationships.

Gemini’s thrive on change. This urge for variety causes constant adjustments. Stability in a partnership develops if the mental side of Gemini finds an outlet. This mental outlet will reinforce all the effective virtues of Gemini and make it possible for their cleverness to be brought to an advanced or effective state. As a result of this development, new intellectual avenues will open up and counteract the constant restlessness and inconsistency.

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