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Capricorn Lovers

A Controlling Lover

In Astrology and Cosmobiology, Capricorn Lovers are stable, reliable people and show their love by providing their partners all the material necessities for a good life together. In most cases if you marry a Capricorn you will have an excellent standard of living. Capricorn must be appreciated for this or they may become cynical and bitter.

Capricorn lovers are natural game players so do not expect an honest “all your cards on the table” love relationship. Their basic make-up is geared to control relationships through intimidation. Even with the people they love, they will readily determine their weak points and use them as they feel the situation warrants.

Capricorn is very possessive but in a more detached way than the water signs. If you become their lover then you become their possession just like their home or their car. With a Scorpio this possessive love is more of a need to do everything together.

Capricorn lovers feel they are caring for the partner even if they work constantly and their partner is home alone. Their natural insecurity makes them feel that providing overhead for their partner substitutes for true caring and kindness.

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