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Cancer Lovers

The Secure Lover

Cancer Lovers love the home to the extent that they equate a love relationship with a harmonious home environment. Home, love and security all tie together for Cancer. There is a need in every Cancer for mothering. Even if they are not parents, they will naturally nurture and care.

The Cancer lover is very sensitive, in many cases this sensitivity is only to his own or to her own feelings rather than to the feelings of the partner. When hurt by the partner it is difficult for Cancer to rationalize the hurt and see it in perspective. There is more of a tendency to see the action as unkind and cruel.

This may make a very difficult relationship unless Cancer finds a love partner who is extremely understanding. A partner that truly understands the Cancer disposition will accept the tearful clinging part of the make-up.

If Cancer marries a partner who cannot do this then the partner will automatically feel smothered and suffocated through the relationship and the partnership will become intolerable.

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