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Aries Lovers

The 'Me-First' Lover

In Astrology and Cosmobiology, these lovers are impulsive, passionate idealists. They are aggressive individuals with bold active make-ups. When they see something they want, they must have it immediately.

Life to an Aries in love means to conquer. Since they possess such enterprise and initiative, they are somewhat inclined to start fights or quarrels. They are energetic and unrelenting in the pursuit of their own ends, which may at times result in too much aggressiveness.

Pushing may be an ineffective manifestation of the sign Aries. This happens when Aries tries to forward the personality in an officious and rude way.

This mainly occurs through impulsivity: acting first and thinking later. From this description, it is obvious to see that an aggressive Aries lover needs a more passive partner for complete Aries lovers' compatibility.

Aries have a relentless need to be the boss and can be quite selfish at times. With a difficulty-aspected Aries, lovemaking may simply be a 'quick-fix' for them, and they may give little, if any consideration to their partner's needs.

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