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Aquarius Lovers

An Intellectual Lover

In Astrology and Cosmobiology, these lovers are easygoing individuals with a strong need to share an intellectual communication with the love partner.

Communication is vital to the Aquarian. They will never feel really close to the lovemate without a mental rapport. Independence is essential to Aquarius. It is a different kind of independence than Sagittarian independence. With Sagittarius, this means more of an activity or mobile action whereas with Aquarius, independence is a mental action. Sagittarius will travel when the mood hits.

Aquarius will get all wrapped up in a project and completely forget the loved one. This will make some individuals feel isolated where others will enjoy the lack of dependency.

Aquarius will go more than half way in any love partnership but once the Aquarian sees it will not work, they will walk away and never look back. This is difficult for other people to understand but not Aquarius because they have put more into making the relationship work than any other sunsign. When it's over, it's over.

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