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The Triplicities

Four Elements — Four Temperaments

The Triplicities describe the following four elements:

Fire - The Fire sign group are individuals with strong characteristics of enthusiasm and noisy energy. A typical Fire-sign individual is the blustery type individual who rushes in the door and literally fires up those within the room. The Fire sign person is a person who can have a whole roomful of people laughing
and talking in a matter of minutes.

Aries fire will be more apt to center around activities that concern their own interests.

Leo fire will drive or push others but will always dominate in some way with his enthusiasms.

Sagittarius fire will be more philosophical and group oriented in his enthusiasms.

Sagittarius will not be self-centered like Aries nor will he dominate like Leo. Sagittarius possesses a freer kind of “take it or leave it,” type of enthusiasm.

Earth - The Earth sign group are quiet methodical individuals with solid common sense. They are cautious and practical. These people excel in activities that involve order or method.

Taurus can be an excellent accountant with great dependability.

Virgo will be a great reader with precise attention to detail and organization on a small scale.

Capricorn can handle overwhelming obstacles in his work and still maintain order


Triplicities: Air and Water

Air - The Air sign group are the intellectuals: the thinkers and the analyzers. The Air people must communicate their thoughts and ideas with others or life is not worth living for them.

Gemini is high-spirited, enthusiastic, and talkative about anything and everything.

Libra is the romantic of the Air group and must find a divine intellectual rapport with another individual even if it means searching forever.

Aquarius needs people but in a more independent way than Gemini or Libra. Communication means freedom to Aquarius so relationships for Aquarians will be more detached than the other air signs.

Water - The Water sign groups are the sensitive people. They are the people who must give or receive emotional support in order to feel necessary. Life means needing and being needed by another. The water sign people hold their dear ones extra close and sacrifice is a part of their very nature.

cancer must mother and protect.

Scorpio must possess another with a great depth of feeling.

Pisces fears loneliness more than any other sign. Life to Pisces means another to share it with or there is no meaning

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