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The Quadruplicities

Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable

Another important way of grouping the signs of the zodiac to obtain pertinent information about your chart is according to Quadruplicity.

Quadruplicity refers to the quality of the sign or the essential nature of the sign. In a sense the Quadruplicities refer to a person’s manner of action.

The Quadruplicities are divided into three groups: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Each group is composed of four signs.


Quadruplicities: Air and Water

The Cardinal signs are outgoing and active signs. They are the people who like to get things going, the doers of the zodiac.

There is a lot of busyness that goes with the Cardinal signs. Aries will aggressively set up club and group activities. cancer will busily mother a whole neighborhood. Libra will restore
harmony to all the relationships they contact. Capricorn will dutifully help others with their responsibilities.

The Fixed signs are stable and ‘fixed’ just as the term indicates. They will not be pushed in any way whatsoever. They may not react emotionally or violently but will just remain steadfast.
Taurus is especially resistant to change. Taurus is very traditional and must see any new course of action be proved again and again before it is made part of their life.

Leo dominates. Leo signs must lead and in so leading and dominating, their ideas will prevail. It will be very difficult to change Leo’s mind. Aquarius will quietly remain firm. The whole world can function one way but Aquarius will function the way they feel is the most progressive. This is the sign of the genius as well as the revolutionary; either will be just as adamant. The Fixed signs are dependable and offer great stability to others in their relationships.

The Mutables are excellent companions because they are beautifully adaptable. Your way is their way.

Gemini’s are enthusiastic, interesting people. They are never bored and they pass this love of life on to others. Virgo’s passiveness and need to be of service can be very complimentary in relationships. Sagittarians are always on the go with people and their honesty can be very refreshing in a relationship. Pisces offers understanding and compassion like no other sign and these qualities are always in demand.

In the unproductive the Mutable signs can be too easily pushed away from their own thinking to serve others. You now see how the knowledge gained from Triplicities and Quadruplicities greatly expands your aspect interpretations.

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