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Cosmobiology Introduction

What is Cosmobiology?

The roots of Cosmobiology stretch back to a German Astrologer named Alfred Witte who was born in 1878. Mr. Witte wrote dozens of articles about planetary interactions and founded the Hamburg School of Astrology, which formed what is the basis for Uranian Astrology.

Tragically, just as he was refining his system of houses and trans-neptunian planets, the Nazi's began threatening he and his disciples with internment in a concentration camp. Ultimately, Mr. Witte committed suicide in 1941 in part to spare his family from a certain fate at the hands of Adolf Hitler's monstrous regime.

Reinhold Ebertin, a European scholar and physician, is generally regarded as the founder of the scientific discipline of Cosmobiology, which is heavily based on Alfred Witte's foundation. Mr. Ebertin's innovation and scientific approach, developed in the early 20th century, greatly transformed traditional astrological interpretation.

Midpoint Interpretation Simplified
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How does Cosmobiology differ from Astrology?

Cosmobiology is a scientific discipline based on midpoints that has its origin in traditional astrology. Astrology is the science of planetary and star interpretation related to human experience.

The Cosmobiologist believes that the principles of the planets will manifest in any aspect whether effective or ineffective.

In other words, Saturn can mean discipline and the Sun can represent basic self-expression, so there will be emphasis of both of these principles whether the aspect is an effective aspect or an ineffective aspect.

In the case of Mars and Uranus, Mars represents energy and Uranus represents suddenness. Both of these principles will manifest in any aspect.

Cosmobiology also believes that the easy aspects bring a state or condition only and the difficult aspects are the most important aspects because they bring the energy that creates the events in our lives. The difficult aspects are those aspects that we can work with and progressively change our lives. This theory is discussed in the cosmobiology section.

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