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Midpoint Synastry Simplified

What is Synastry?

Synastry is the unique study of love and relationships. This powerful scientific comparison examines the action and reaction two people energies have upon each other.

You will find analyzing your relationships exciting and revealing using the 90-degree circle. Understanding the effects of how the planetary influences from another’s chart affect yours, will give you the freedom and clarity to act with confidence and decisiveness.

The book begins with an explanation of synastry and how this relates to the 90-degree circle or cosmogram. Key words are listed for quick interpretation of aspects and planetary influences.

You will learn how to discover the ‘real you,’ and interpret your Complete Self Analysis Chart. Many real life case studies involving love and tragedy provide easy understanding of how events are seen within the cosmogram.

These cases, shown with the illustrated cosmogram follow throughout the book and offer key insights for interpretative analysis.

The book concludes with four full case discussions, two of which ended fatally, using midpoint synastry.

This study will give you the confidence to place the proper limits in your work and love-life by understanding how others planetary positions influence and impact you in even the most subtle of ways.

It is recommended to use this book in conjunction with the author’s first text Midpoint Interpretation Simplified

Midpoint Synastry Simplified
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PDF (Adobe) E-book Format: Printing allowed, 254 pages, 4.8 MB, 27 Illustrations ISBN 978-0979412912

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