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Midpoint Synastry Basics

I couldn't hear anything over the pounding of my pulse —

Simply put: synastry answers the question, “What makes me feel excited every time my co-worker Bill sends me an email?” or “Why do I always feel special around my sister’s friend Sarah?”

Synastry is the unique study of love and relationships. This powerful scientific comparison examines the action and reaction two people energies have upon each other.

Synastry is the study of relationships and compatibility. It is a scientific comparison of two birth charts or of two horoscopes. This comparison is undertaken to find answers explaining the interaction between people.

The word ‘chart’ is a more modern word for the outdated word, ‘horoscope,’ meaning the same thing. A chart is a mathematically calculated diagram of the location of the stellar bodies the day you were born.

Through the study of synastry, you learn to observe uniquely the reactions of one individual upon another individual. Synastry will answer personal questions about the relationship between you and your lover, you and your family, and anyone who influences your life.


Midpoint Synastry Simplified
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PDF (Adobe) E-book Format: Printing allowed, 254 pages, 4.8 MB, 27 Illustrations ISBN 978-0979412912

More about Synastry

It is recommended to use this book in conjunction with the author’s first text Midpoint Interpretation Simplified.

You will discover facets in your relationships, exciting and revealing insights into your partner, that you never knew existed! Understanding the effects of how their planetary influences affect yours, will give you the clarity to act with confidence and decisiveness.

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