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Midpoint Suicide

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who has experienced the agony of a great personal loss, and those who are coping with the element of suicide in some way in their lives.

Hopefully Midpoint Suicide will serve as a catalyst making possible a three-fold benefit for you and your loved ones.

Midpoint Suicide Simplified
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PDF (Adobe) E-book Format: Printing allowed, 182 pages, 2.3 MB, 17 Illustrations ISBN 978-0-979412929

Why I wrote Midpoint Suicide

First, for the survivors, this offers a unique release from your eternity of isolated suffering, aching heart, and quiet desperation over your loss

Second, the goal of writing this book is to prevent a tragedy through the development of a new awareness of people and situations in your life.

Last, Midpoint Suicide is for those who want to fully understand the dynamics of astrological depression, anxiety and other mood disorders and for those who secretly ask, could this ever happen to me?

The reader should have a basic understanding of principles in astrology and cosmobiology. The real life cases with the actual natal and directed charts, are analyzed through midpoint interpretation primarily using the 90-degree circle or cosmogram.

It is recommended to use this book in conjunction with the Author's first and foundation textbook, Midpoint Interpretation Simplified and subsequent work, Midpoint Synastry.

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