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All about Midpoint Love

How can this book help me?

Learn about your love life and use Midpoint Love Simplified to help use Astrology and Cosmobiology to discover your Perfect Partner!

There are three sections in this book: Uncover your perfect partner, explain your unique love pattern, and provide an overall interpretation for your love life.

This journey begins with traditional planetary principles used in astrology that help you learn about yourself and your ideal lover. Venus/Mars and Sun/Moon interactions reveal great insights about you and your partner's sexual energy and performance.

Midpoint Love Simplified
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PDF (Adobe) E-book Format: Printing allowed, 216 pages, 4.4 MB, 61 Illustrations ISBN 978-0979412936

What's special about Midpoint Love?

Vital love information is found in the chapter on Venus midpoint discoveries. Key words are frequently referenced for quick interpretation of aspects and planetary influences on your love life.

A complete case love history is analyzed using a simple stepped approach that starts with astrology and looking at the natal planets that form a general lovemate description, continues with cosmobiology placements that analyze love behavior, and concludes with exciting midpoint love discoveries.

More real-life cosmobiology case histories fill the pages complete with the 360 and 90 degree charts. You will be able to test your skills again and again with these dynamic examples.

There are unique answers for you and your love problems within this book. You will find that analyzing your relationships is enlightening. This will help you to successfully find a new, or re-create an existing relationship with your Perfect Partner.

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