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Midpoint Love Anger Simplified

How can I use this book?

Midpoint Love Anger Simplified will help you use Astrology and Cosmobiology to reveal and change the love and anger in your partnerships.

Are you angry, do you lose your temper? Or do hurts and slights go inward and cause stress? Using this new midpoint awareness, you will be able to control your temper, enjoy good relations with others, and consistently accomplish your life goals.

The book begins by analyzing the roots of anger development with your first relationship -- parents or guardians. A parent chart cosmobiology keyword list is provided to help you interpret and reference this important and pivotal relationship.

The unique impact of stellar influences from your parents chart to yours is uncovered with a comprehensive keyword list and several exciting examples of real-life case histories.

Midpoint Love-Anger Simplified
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PDF (Adobe) E-book Format: Printing allowed, 180 pages, 5.4 MB, 27 Illustrations ISBN 978-0979412943

Different kinds of anger

Many different kinds of anger are shown, each with a detailed 360 and 90 degree chart that focuses on both the natal Astrology structure and a complete midpoint Cosmobiology arrangement.

You will see how certain planetary configurations and directions in cosmobiology trigger profound and tragic love anger events. This includes medical emergencies, career self-destruction, and breakdowns to the point of suicide.

This planetary analysis will help you learn your strengths and weaknesses and decide the best path to take when confronted with a difficult situation that involves anger.

You will also use midpoints to examine the relationship between you and your love partner. This will help you become aware and alert to the positive influences and cherish the effective aspects of your partnership, while diminishing the destructive and negative symptoms.

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