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Midpoint Astrology

What is midpoint astrology?

Uncover past, present and future insights about yourself and others through the midpoint astrology also known as cosmobiology.

These best selling midpoint Cosmobiology books, previously published, have been newly revised with detailed illustrations and enriched case studies, and are now available in a modern Ebook format.

Learn how this exciting new field, Cosmobiology, builds on traditional astrology by calculating the point halfway between two planets -- a midpoint -- that reveals potent information.

Once you understand how the aspects in your own chart influence events in your life, you will discover the 'real you.' Next, compare your chart to another's chart.

Midpoint Interpretation Simplified
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PDF (Adobe) E-book Format: Printing allowed, 240 pages, 4.8 MB, 14 Illustrations ISBN 978-0979412905

How this work helped me

Personal tragedy motivated me to spend many years studying and researching both Astrology and Cosmobiology. This intellectual growth relieved me, as well as my clients, of a certain sense of personal loneliness and isolation.

It left me with an intense desire to communicate some of the comfort I arrived at through my countless hours of difficult study. Midpoint Interpretation Simplified will help you understand the basics of Cosmobiology and have more control over your life.

The book begins with a traditional review of astrology including basic planetary principles and a description of the house system. Keywords are listed for quick interpretation of aspects and planetary influences.

Cosmobiology is introduced by building on principles used in astrology. Comparison between the 360-degree circle and the 90-degree circle or cosmogram, is shown with a unique and riveting case study of a man known as the ‘Flying Bank Robber.’ This case study is highlighted throughout the book so that the reader will better understand how to set up a cosmobiology chart and accurately interpret midpoints for clients.

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