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Prince William

Cosmobiology Clues to Early Development

We continue exploring Prince William's astrology midpoints (Cosmobiology) and focusing on his Sun and Moon midpoints in the 90-degree wheel. This combo gives us clues to his early relationship with his parents.

The Sun represents his father, Prince Charles, and midpoints Moon-Neptune. The Moon-Neptune midpoint interpretation might be favorable such as having a sympathetic and understanding father. However, a less effective manifestation is a father who is chronically dissatisfied — a faultfinder — who creates chaos in the environment.

Prince William Natal Sun Midpoints
Prince Will Natal Chart

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It's no secret that both of Will's parents faced difficult and turbulent times during their marriage. Accusations of Prince Charles coldness and love affairs constantly filled the news. And after just a few years of union, a court legally granted his parents a divorce: Prince Will was only fourteen years old.

Like the earlier midpoint, Princes Will's Moon midpoint to Saturn/Neptune may be interpreted in a favorable or unfavorable light.

Prince William Natal Moon Midpoints

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An effective Saturn/Neptune shows traits of practicality and shrewdness with flashes of inspiration. The ineffective result often reveals anxiety or depression and an overall moodiness.

Princess Diana certainly was inspirational and touched the lives of millions of admirers through her charities and other acts of kindness. However, claims of moodiness also persisted throughout her life.

Both of these Sun-Moon midpoints reflecting parental influence and direction, had a persistent effect on development during Prince Will's formative years.

Coming next, the Tragic Moon Midpoint in Prince William's 90-degree Cosmobiology chart.

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