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Prince William

The Future King of England

This next series of blogs look at the exciting midpoint aspects of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge - the man closest in line of succession to becoming the King of England.

Despite his noble lineage, Prince William's entire life was affected in the same way as everyone else -- through his very first relationship, the one shared with his parents.

Prince William Natal Chart
Prince Will Natal Chart

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This parent-child relationship is a fundamental union that set into motion his personal and unique life pattern.

Every stellar body (planet) in his chart and all following midpoints and aspects, were activated through this beginning connection. Fortunately, both the Prince's birth date and his birth time are easily found in public records on the internet. June 21, 1982 21:03 at Paddington England. The birth time will allow us to calculate his ascendant, house system and an accurate Moon position in both his 360 degree horoscope and 90 degree chart.

Let's look first at Prince William's Sun and Moon placements. Astrology reminds us that the Sun tells how his parents developed his basic character while the Moon shows their influence on his emotional experiences. Cosmobiology (Midpoint Astrology) will reveal key midpoints to these two planets.

Prince William Natal Sun Midpoints
Prince Will Natal Sun Midpoints

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His Sun is in Cancer at 00' 06" while his moon dwells also in Cancer at 04' 57". This is a wide orb Sun/Moon conjunction in traditional astrology and when using a 90 degree charts, it midpoints slightly different planets.

One planet that contacts his Sun is Jupiter which is in Scorpio at 00" 29' and Uranus in Sagittarius at 01" 29'. Jupiter represents opportunity, expansion, and growth, while Uranus represents sudden development.

A midpoint with Sun - Jupiter/Uranus shows us that Will's father, Prince Charles, will provide growth and opportunity in an environment of sudden development -- an extreme understatement.

Nearly all would agree that inheriting the kingship of England and her Commonwealth States from his father is an extraordinary example of sudden expansion.

Prince William Natal Chart
Prince Will Natal Sun Ascendant Neptune

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Another midpoint involves the Ascendant to Will's Sun and Neptune. Sun Neptune midpoint describes an idealistic person who is kind and caring or in the contrary, a confused person who is irresponsible.

When his Ascendant midpoints this combo, the result is an outlook or way of thinking about the world that similarly is either idealistic or confused. The Sun, representing the father would heavily influence the Prince's environment.

Prince William Natal Chart
Prince Will Natal Moon Jupiter Mercury

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What do the Moon midpoints tell us about Will's mother, Princess Diana's influence?

Jupiter is also the planet for harmony, social, and relationships while Mercury represents the mind and communication. Let's look at his Moon - Mercury/Jupiter midpoint further.

Princess Diana attentively saw that her son's development included a broad range of stimulating activities. She involved herself in many Jupiter charitable projects and served as an excellent role model highlighting the worldwide need to help those who cannot help themselves.

She was Mercury quick witted and showed great mental affection for Will. They had a happy and harmonious relationship. Read more to see what the midpoints reveal about Prince Will's turbulent childhood.

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