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VENUS — Love and Art!

Venus Midpoints — The stellar body of love

Venus brings a refinement, warmth and love to the stellar body it aspects. Venus gives balance and harmony to a relationship.

However, afflicted Venus brings dissipation and may be lazy, careless, uncultured, and parasitic. Venus in the ineffective indulges in intemperate pleasure such as immoral or lewd conduct.

Here are some Venus Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for energy and expansion:

VENUS-SUN - Affectionate Self Expression

Effective: Do I bring an honest affection and love to the vitality and self expression of others? Do I inspire and help my friends with their creative ventures. Do I show a true affection and loyalty in my love relationship?

Ineffective: Do I bring instability and a pleasure-seeking element to my love relationship? Do I drink and keep late hours with artistic companions instead of maintaining moderate living? Do I feed upon a person letting them buy me? Do I use other’s need for love and security to gratify my own ends?

VENUS-MOON - Living Emotions

Effective: Does my type of love and companionship bring refinement, harmony, warmth, and love to others? Is there generated a deep warmth and harmony between myself and others? Do I inspire happy emotional reactions from others in my close relationships?

Ineffective: Does my type of love take away or dissipate another emotionally? Do my tastes radically differ from others causing constant irritability, moodiness, and impossible adjustments? Do I encourage indulgence in another especially regarding appetite or passion?

VENUS-MERCURY - Loving Mentality

Effective: Do I encourage creativity and refinement in another’s thinking? Does this friendship bring out the best in the other’s intellect? Is there true mental affection in my relationships with others?

Ineffective: Does my lack of understanding in my relationships foster irritation and coldness? Do I dissipate another’s mental energy through unloving disapproval?

VENUS-MARS - Love or Creative Energy

Effective: Do I exhibit enthusiasm in my social activity or in my creativity? Do I use tactfulness and discretion in my sexual relationships? Do I feed my strong creative drive with disciplined artistic study?

Ineffective: Does my emotional excitement and strong sex drive constantly create problems for me? Am I guilty of indulgence, leading to constant dissatisfaction, discontent, and loss of character?

VENUS-JUPITER - Love or Creative Expansion

Effective: Am I a person who is devoted to friendly relationships and companionships? Am I affectionate, kind, and tolerant? Is optimism a definite part of my make-up? Do I have a successful marriage or a successful partnership? Do my daily habits keep me in a state of good health?

Ineffective: Is extravagance part of my life? Am I careless? Am I unable to control my excessive feelings, this overflowing into self indulgent habits? Am I excessively proud or concerned about my own appearance and achievements? Do I buy my friends?

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