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VENUS — Love and Art!

Venus Midpoints — The stellar body of love

VENUS-SATURN - Love or Creative Discipline

Effective: Am I loyal and true in my relationships? Are my principles firm and unwavering? Do I accept responsibility for my mother’s happiness and well being? Am I economical but not miserly? Am I able to accept emotional disappointment and learn from it? Am I a person you will depend upon?

Ineffective: Have emotional disappointments made me bitter and resentful? Am I too easily rejected or rebuffed in my relationships? Have I sacrificed a reality love relationship for perverted sexual encounters? Are separations in my love relationships stem from my selfish, self seeking attitude?

VENUS-URANUS - Sudden Developing Love or Creativity

Effective: Do I have many fascinating, light friendships? Do I keep these relationships on a high plane rather than permitting them to decay to just sudden sexual encounters? Have I taken advantage of my creative artistic giftedness and channeled it along some helpful line?

Ineffective: Do I constantly break relationships suddenly and insist on complete independence? Do I have sudden sexual encounters permitting nothing else in the relationships? Am I temperamental and erratic with others? Do I maintain traditional friendships or are all my acquaintances
bizarre and anti-establishment? Do I have friends that I have known for many years or have all my friendships ended suddenly?

VENUS-NEPTUNE - Love or Creative Inspiration

Effective: Does my inspirational love or my ability to have a unique emotional rapport with others contribute toward effective development of their lives? Are kindness and high ideals a part of my make-up? Do I have a creative outlet for my artistic genius?

Ineffective: Am I too sensitive in love to establish a happy stable partnership? Do secret love affairs or a pattern of love deception cause disappointment?
Are my feet off the ground in regard to what is a true reality relationship? Does an unrealistic attitude toward love and emotions cause me to seek escapism? Does love deception happen to me again and again indicating
my need to assess relationships better?

VENUS-PLUTO - Love or Creative Intensity

Effective: Am I loyal and faithful? Do others experience benefits through my deep devotional love and affection? Have I created an outlet for my strong creative potential and my artistic giftedness?

Ineffective: Am I extremely possessive? Is lustfulness a part of my make-up? Do I have a pattern of immorality? Am I explosive in my loving relationships? Do my love relationships experience constant upheavals?

VENUS-ASCENDANT - Loving Outlook or Environment

Effective: Do I bring harmony to the relationships within my environment? Do I strive for balance in my home or work relationships so both parties benefit?
Do I maintain a certain refinement in my contacts? Is my outlook usually in accord with others or do I maintain a pleasing arrangement with others?

Ineffective: Am I lazy and careless in my relationships at home or at work? Do I let others carry my load? Is my outlook in regard to those with whom I share my home parasitic? Do I feel my family or those close to me owe me a living?

VENUS- M.C. - Loving Ego

Effective: Do I bring kindness and harmony to my relationships? Is there real value or worth in my relationships as well as in my goals and aims in life?

Ineffective: Do I have excessive pride or vanity in my own appearance and achievements? Are my aims in life egocentric and shallow?

VENUS-NODE - Loving or Creative Contacts

Effective: Is there harmony, refinement and adaptability in my love contacts? Are my love relationships based on real value and worth?

Ineffective: Are my love contacts based on immoral or improper conduct? Are these love contacts lazy and careless? Is there one person in my love relationships that takes advantage of the other person without giving any useful return? Could the words wasteful, indulgent, or extravagant describe my lover?

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All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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