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Uranus — Sudden Development!

Uranus Midpoints mean Change!

If you have many Uranus stellar body contacts in your natal chart you will have change and disruption in your life, along with an abundance of new, progressive ideas. If your ideas are used successfully with those around you they will not be disruptive and upsetting to yourself or others.

Effective Uranus individuals will open up new, creative, original ways of changing conditions. Effective Uranus individuals have a tremendous amount of scientific ability and have a natural outlet for their energies available for them in the study of Astrology or Cosmobiology. At the end of each Uranus configuration you will definitely add scientific ability.

If Uranus emphasis in your chart is ineffective then people will constantly have to maneuver around a certain erratic side in your make-up. Obstinacy will compete with progressive thinking.

Ineffective Uranus individuals will make others uncomfortable by making them the object of their peculiar revolutionary thinking.

Here are some Uranus Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for love and energy:

URANUS-SUN - Sudden Developing Self Expression

Effective: Is my basic self expression forceful, energetic, and progressive? Am I fond of leadership? Am I traditional only to a point, not where it would stifle development for myself or others? Do I handle responsibility well?

Ineffective: Am I extremely stubborn? Do I stand in my own light because of my obstinacy? Do people accuse me of being extremely tactless? Do I enjoy ineffective behavior or startling people by acting bizarre? Am I a revolutionary? Does my independence go against tradition?

URANUS-MOON - Sudden Developing Emotions

Effective: Is my intuitive or psychic ability channeled mentally to offset emotionalism? Do I use my natural magnetism and originality in an unassuming way? Are my domestic changes thought through and not carried out in nervous haste? Do I use my scientific aptitude to understand myself and others through study? Astrology and Cosmobiology are subjects that
will give me understanding of myself and others.

Ineffective: Am I erratic and easily annoyed? Do I resent another’s help or guidance? Am I abrupt, rebellious, and touchy even when it comes to a mere suggestion from another? Is it my way or no way? Am I eccentric?
Do I create domestic unhappiness by upsetting the home routine in some way such as being consistently late for dinner? Does the entire household constantly have to work around my temperament in order to have harmony?

URANUS-MERCURY - Sudden Developing Thinking

Effective: Are my new thought patterns contingent upon a foundation of strong principles and healthy ethics? Do I incorporate practicality and common sense with my very creative and even brilliant ideas? Am I aware of other’s feelings with regard to my eccentricities? Is my creative mind and extreme cleverness useful for others?

Ineffective: Is my high strung nervous system given proper diet, rest, and exercise so I will maintain mental tranquility? Am I against any and all routine or convention? Am I tactless and contrary? Do I have a pattern of extremism and asserting my independence by breaking all traditional ties? Are my sudden new friends too radical for any real stable development for me? Am I temperamental, use poor judgment, or erratic thinking?

URANUS-VENUS - Sudden Developing Love or Creativity

Effective: Do I have many fascinating, light friendships? Do I keep these relationships on a high plane rather than permitting them to decay to just sudden sexual encounters? Have I taken advantage of my very unique artistic giftedness and channeled it along some effective line?

Ineffective: Do I constantly break relationships suddenly and insist on complete independence? Do I have sudden sexual encounters permitting nothing else in the relationships? Am I temperamental and erratic with others? Do I maintain traditional friendships or are all my acquaintances
bizarre and anti-establishment? Do I have friends that I have known for many years or have all my friendships ended suddenly?

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