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Uranus — Sudden Development!

Uranus Midpoints mean Change!

URANUS-MARS - Sudden Developing Energy

Effective: Does my natural aggressive, forceful, dominant nature have stability and purpose? Am I a leader without using force? Do I educate or train my natural scientific ability? Do I engage in a rigorous sport as an outlet for my above average physical strength? Have I explored the fields of science, electronics, or mechanics as a development for my progressive energy? Astrology and Cosmobiology are natural channels for Mars/Uranus mental

Ineffective: Do I constantly work at controlling my violent temper? Am I cautious with machinery? Am I accident prone? Has the pattern increased?
Am I careless with guns, explosives, even fireworks, exposing myself and others to needless physical danger? Do I end friendships suddenly because of extreme independence? Am I revolutionary in my thinking?

URANUS-JUPITER - Sudden Developing Opportunity

Effective: Are my innate talents of originality and superior mental powers put to use through study or training of some kind? Do I use my potent organizing and planning ability to progress my life and the lives of others? Do I have a strong philosophical outlook? Do I take advantage of easy opportunities that come my way?

Ineffective: Am I arrogant, rebellious, and wasteful? Do I insist on freedom without responsibility? Do I lack discipline to cultivate effective use of my outstanding mental ability? Do I work at being different just to draw attention?

URANUS-SATURN -Sudden Developing Discipline

Effective: Do I channel the natural nervous tension in my makeup through consistent routine, methodical planning and hard work? Do I incorporate common sense and practicality with my extremely original ideas? Does persistence and perseverance accompany my strong will in order to successfully realize my goals?

Ineffective: Do I let my frustrations keep me forever stubborn and resentful? Do I bring constant unrest to those within my environment? For example, am I erratic in my behavior with a pattern of torment and depreciation toward those who live with me? Am I like a tinder box that everyone is afraid one wrong word will ignite? Do people that live with me develop chronic headaches, stomach aches or other maladies from coping with my extremist

URANUS-NEPTUNE - Sudden Developing Sensitivity

Effective: Am I a practical visionary making my dreams and intuitive nature workable, usable, and possible? Do I show an effective application of the occult sciences through study or research?

Ineffective: Could I be described as an opportunist using my highly developed intuitive nature to exploit others? Are my feelings obsessive and restless instead of controlled and constrained? Is my interest in the occult primarily emotional and dramatic instead of practical mental application and study?

URANUS-PLUTO - Sudden Developing Intensity

Effective: Do my ideas create harmony for those around me? When I change routines is it done in a natural beneficial easy way for all?

Ineffective: Does my restlessness show up in wasted energy and constant change? Do I create upheavals by making unorthodox changes that affect others ineffectively? Is my impatience difficult to live with?

URANUS-ASCENDANT - Sudden Developing Outlook

Effective: Do my sudden new original ideas create better and easier conditions within the environment? Is my very original outlook progressive instead of revolutionary? Does my outlook incorporate common sense along with its uniqueness?

Ineffective: Am I constantly moving furniture or changing and disrupting the environment? Is my outlook bizarre, revolutionary, and generally upsetting to others?

URANUS- M.C. - Sudden Developing Ego, Goals or Aims

Effective: Do my creative ideas in regard to my goals in life have stability and purpose along with their extreme originality? Do I maintain a formulated method or plan of working toward my life objectives or am I erratic and unorganized in regard to my future objectives?

Ineffective: Am I disruptive in my career or life aim ideas? An example being an individual who accepts job changes without discussing these changes with the partner or family who are also affected.

URANUS-NODE - Sudden Contacts or Acquaintances

Effective: Are my very quickly made acquaintances progressive instead of revolutionary and versatile, and original instead of eccentric?

Ineffective: Do I make sudden acquaintances that are rebellious and eccentric bringing a disruptive influence into my life?

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All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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