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The Sun — Self-Expression

Sun Midpoints are the Real You!

The Sun represents your true spirit and vitality. The Sun in its effective manifestation is self-confident, persevering, ambitious, and self disciplined. The Sun in its ineffective manifestation is arrogant, aimless, parasitic, and undisciplined.

If you are using the best of your natal Sun contacts you will be well disciplined and philosophical the majority of the time. If not, you will react with cynicism, arrogance, pride, and obvious ineffective behavior traits.

Here are some Sun Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for love and energy:

SUN-MOON - Individual Emotion

Effective: Are my opposite sex relationships easy and comfortable?
Is my make-up harmonious? Do I maintain a feeling of brotherhood, comradeship, congeniality and understanding in my relationships?

Ineffective: Are my opposite sex relationships difficult and uncomfortable? Is my make-up impatient and dissatisfied? Do I maintain a feeling of dissatisfaction, fretfulness, and annoyance in my relationships? Am I easily angered, cranky and restless most of the time?

SUN-MERCURY -Individual Thinking

Effective: Am I objective in my relationships with others? Do I try to see their side of things? Have I worked toward developing the intellectual side of my make-up through serious study of some kind?

Ineffective: Do I engender narrowness in my relationships with others? Do I force my narrow opinions and life style on others?

SUN-VENUS - Individual Love

Effective: Do I bring an honest affection and love to the vitality and self expression of others? Do I inspire and help my friends with their creative ventures. Do I show a true affection and loyalty in my love relationship?

Ineffective: Do I bring instability and a pleasure-seeking element to my love relationship? Do I drink and keep late hours with artistic companions instead of maintaining moderate living? Do I feed upon a person letting them buy me? Do I use other’s need for love and security to gratify my own ends?

SUN-MARS - Individual Energy

Effective: Do I use deliberation and caution with my great amount of energy, ambition, initiative, and personal action? Have I found a physical outlet for this excess energy? Effective outlets for a strong Mars would be sports, out-door activities, metal work, or schedules of physical exercise.

Ineffective: Am I impulsive, overly aggressive and always in conflict with those in authority? Do I argue, quarrel, and even resort to physical combat often? Do I over exert myself, putting myself under physical strain?

Am I guilty of a pattern of risk taking that causes accidents for me? Do I place proper limits with both my father and males in my life?

SUN-JUPITER - Individual Expansion

Effective: Am I optimistic and generous? Do I have a strong philosophy of life? Do I possess a calm, patient attitude toward life? Do I use my growth opportunities for myself and others? Am I an open, friendly, honest person?

Ineffective: Am I materialistic, exploiting opportunities without regard to ethical or moral principles? Am I wasteful, treating things carelessly? Do I take risks, often becoming involved in ‘get rich quick’ schemes?
Does my health suffer as a result of my intemperance? Am I a gambler?

SUN-SATURN - Individual Discipline

Effective: Am I a conscientious person? Do I accept responsibility for myself as well as assist others in their acceptance of duty? Are patience and persistence part of my make-up? Do I have respect for older people and do I show this respect in practical ways of helpfulness? Am I cautious along with being ambitious?

Ineffective: Do I believe that only selfishness motivates human action which is cynicism? Does my lack of self confidence make me pessimistic in making relationships? Has my insecurity in making meaningful relationships turned to selfishness and miserliness? Am I unable to accept life’s restrictions and
frustrations? Am I unreliable and critical?

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