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The Sun — Self-Expression

Sun Midpoints are the Real You!

SUN-URANUS - Individual Development

Effective: Is my basic self expression forceful, energetic, and progressive? Am I fond of leadership? Am I traditional only to a point, not where it would stifle development for myself or for others? Do I handle responsibility well?

Ineffective: Am I stubborn? Do I stand in my own light because of my obstinacy? Do people accuse me of being tactless? Do I enjoy ineffective behavior or startling people by acting bizarre? Am I a revolutionary? Does my independence go against tradition in the extreme for no purpose or reason other than being different?

SUN-NEPTUNE - Idealistic Self Expression

Effective: Is my basic self expression intuitive and visionary versus emotional and utopian? Is my exceptional imagination used realistically?
Have I developed a proper outlet for this creativity? Is my enthusiasm inspirational and invigorating or excessive and annoying?

Ineffective: Is irresponsibility a trait I am often guilty of? Am I always daydreaming without any follow-up action? Do I generate confusion where I should have routine and method? Am I too often vague and confused from lack of discipline in routine? Do I consistently let males undermine me? Has escapism become a pattern in my life?

SUN-PLUTO - Individual Intensity

Effective: Is my natural dominating nature helpful in a practical, ambitious way or is it high handed and obnoxious? Do I seek power through my deep caring nature and intense empathy?

Ineffective: Am I secretly jealous of others? Do I act in a rash arrogant fashion? Am I demanding and vindictive if I am not catered to? Am I
merciless or pitiless in my relationships with others?

SUN-ASCENDANT - Individual Outlook and Environment

Effective: Do I have a strong self-confident outlook? Do I bring healthy mental and physical energy to contacts within my environment? Do I try to discipline the weak points in my outlook? An example here is a Gemini, Sagittarian, or Pisces who works at the trait they naturally hate, ‘routine.’ The result of this discipline would create an organized environment.

Ineffective: Do I present a weak outlook to those within my environment? Am I ineffective or difficult to live with? Do I act in opposition or contrary to those within my environment? Am I pessimistic and fault-finding in my outlook?
An example here is a Taurus, Cancer, or Scorpio who does not work at their ‘ineffective possessiveness’ trait. They will create an environment where the people that live or work with them will feel stifled and held back. Eventually these people will become hostile or leave the possessive environment.

SUN- M.C. - Individual Goals

Effective: Am I confident and secure in my aims in life? Do I work at these goals persistently, faithfully and reliably?

Ineffective: Do I constantly create unreal goals in life? Am I arrogant or apathetic in regard to planning for the future? Do I lack common sense in regard to proceeding toward future directions?

SUN-NODE - Individual Contacts

Effective: Are my contacts and acquaintances self confident, persevering and philosophical?

Ineffective: Are my contacts and acquaintances arrogant, willful, cynical, or parasitic?

More about Sun Aspects

All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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