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Saturn — Work & Responsibility

Saturn Midpoints mean discipline!

Those without much Saturn in their charts must work at accepting responsibility and building discipline into their make-up in order to progress. Those with too much Saturn in their charts must work at not oppressing themselves and others in order to develop using effective Saturn principles.

Learning to accept responsibility and bearing your burdens patiently is development of discipline. This is growth but there is a fine line where growth will become martyrdom.

Acceptance of too much duty will be as ineffective as the individual without many Saturn contacts who refuses to accept any responsibility.

With heavy Saturn contacts in your chart you must ask yourself the following questions: Am I still open to new ways of thinking or am I imprisoned in orthodoxy? Has my extremely narrow family traditional outlook strengthened or oppressed others? Am I narrow and bigoted in my thinking?

Tradition is most effective when an individual continues to allow for his or her own personal development as well as the freedom for others to develop their own strengths. Inflicting narrowness on another’s life and oppressing that individual’s development is not strength. This is tyranny and too many of us with heavy Saturn in our charts do this without realizing it.

Are you a strength-builder or just an oppressive inhibiter in the lives of your loved ones?

Here are some Saturn Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for self-expression and emotions:

SATURN-SUN - Disciplined Self Expression

Effective: Am I a conscientious person? Do I accept responsibility for myself as well as assist others in their acceptance of duty? Are patience and persistence part of my make-up? Do I have respect for older people and do I show this respect in practical ways of helpfulness? Am I cautious along with being ambitious?

Ineffective: Do I believe that only selfishness motivates human action which is cynicism? Does my lack of self confidence make me pessimistic in making relationships? Has my insecurity in making meaningful relationships turned to selfishness and miserliness? Am I unable to accept life’s restrictions and
frustrations? Am I unreliable and critical?

SATURN-MOON - Disciplined Emotions

Effective: Is the acceptance of duty along with patience important in my life? Do I perform my obligations with a light heart and a sense of justice? Do I graciously accept responsibility with elderly people? Am I reserved instead of inhibited? Do I exhibit a soft, quiet friendliness versus a basic discontentedness?

Ineffective: Is my family my whole life and everyone else considered an ‘outsider?’ Am I hypersensitive and avoid trusting anyone? Do I accept too much responsibility and make myself a martyr in the process? Am I self denying to the point where life holds no joy for me? Do I feel unappreciated? Has emotional discipline from early years made me cold and selfish in my
present relationships? Do I maintain an emotional ‘warp’ by returning to the hard times from my past?

SATURN-MERCURY - Disciplined Thinking

Effective: Is there a studious side to my make-up that I work at? Am I patient, methodical, and persistent in my work? Do I possess a healthy conscience? Do I keep order in my life through a well planned system and routine? Do I balance my checkbook, accept responsibility, and methodically work? Am I an active student, eager to study, learn, and teach others?

Ineffective: Do I become too introspective and depressed as a result of this self-centeredness? Am I overly suspicious of others? Am I devious? Is pessimism too much a part of my make-up? Am I sarcastic where I should be understanding? Are my ideas stodgy and not open to suggestion or improvement?

SATURN-VENUS - Disciplined Love or Creativity

Effective: Am I loyal and true in my relationships? Are my principles firm and unwavering? Do I accept responsibility for my mother’s happiness and well being? Am I economical but not miserly? Am I able to accept emotional disappointment and learn from it? Am I a person you will depend upon?

Ineffective: Have emotional disappointments made me bitter and resentful? Am I too easily rejected or rebuffed in my relationships? Have I sacrificed a reality love relationship for perverted sexual encounters? Are separations in my love relationships stem from my selfish, self seeking attitude?

SATURN-MARS - Disciplined Energy

Effective: Am I persistent and hard working or do I allow myself to become angry and melancholy? Do I maintain a philosophic outlook in regard to any thwarting pattern of my life? Do I take advantage of the executive ability in your makeup? Do I perform your duties quietly and consistently no matter how large the burden?

Ineffective: Am I always furious or depressed from the constant frustration pattern of your life? Have I become cold and unfeeling in regard to the struggles of others? Am I ever dishonest in order to attain materialistic goals? Do I exhibit an element of cruelty or brutality -- either mental or physical?

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