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Pluto — Intensity!

Midpoints: A Pluto Fanatic!

An excessive amount of Pluto aspects and midpoints gives you a vast storehouse of dynamic energy and power that demand careful channeling.

How are you handling this Pluto energy? The power and domination will apply to not only yourself but those around you. Does your intensity create a passion for achievement or an ineffective temporary fanaticism?

Are you ruthless, vengeful, a tyrant? Are others bending to your every whim, or are you being a doormat for someone else’s domination? Pluto will dominate or be dominated.

Here are some Pluto Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for love and energy:

PLUTO-SUN - Intense Self Expression

Effective: Is my natural dominating nature helpful in a practical, ambitious way or is it high handed and obnoxious? Do I seek power through my deep caring nature and intense empathy?

Ineffective: Am I secretly jealous of others? Do I act in a rash arrogant fashion? Am I demanding and vindictive if I am not catered to? Am I
merciless or pitiless in my relationships with others?

PLUTO-MOON - Intense Feelings

Effective: Are my fanatic emotions practical and helpful? Is my sensitivity highly responsive to other’s feelings? Does my sentimentality become tender emotion shown toward others? Is my creative imagination consistent with reality?

Ineffective: Do I exhibit violent emotional outbursts? Am I too often hurt and easily offended? Is my intolerance difficult to live with? Are my explosive outbursts the cause of great sorrow to others?

PLUTO-MERCURY - Intense Thinking

Effective: Is my fanatic thinking directed toward beneficial channels? How do I use my excellent persuasive ability? Does my quick analytical mind have a healthy outlet in some mental work?

Ineffective: Am I too often irritable, impatient, and caustic with others? Do I contradict constantly? Am I unable to forget slights? Am I accused of being a mental tyrant, running everyone’s life? Do I argue past the point of good taste?

PLUTO-VENUS - Intense Love or Intense Creativity

Effective: Am I loyal and faithful? Do others experience benefits through my deep devotional love nature? Have I created an outlet for my strong creative potential and my artistic giftedness?

Ineffective: Am I extremely possessive? Is lustfulness a part of my make-up? Do I have a pattern of immorality? Am I explosive in my love relationships? Do my love relationships experience constant upheavals?

PLUTO-MARS - Intense Energy

Effective: Do I consider another’s ideas or does my natural dominating energy rule by strength and force? Does my courage and strength in action benefit other’s lives? Is my sexual strength under control? Do I initiate productive ventures? Do I maintain a physical outlet for my fanatic drive in full contact
sports such as karate or football?

Ineffective: Am I constantly jealous and envious of other’s good fortune? Am I ruthless in arriving at my ends? Are my actions brutal and cruel? Has lustfulness torn my life apart? Am I coarse, vulgar, and even lewd?

PLUTO-JUPITER - Intense Expansion

Effective: Do the opportunities I take advantage of lead to the correct development of power? Have I developed and do I live by a strong philosophic outlook? Is my ambition noble and an energy I am proud of?

Ineffective: Am I too often described as arrogant, insolent, insulting, or haughty? Are there visible signs of a pattern of waste in my life? Is extravagance a part of my make-up?

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