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Pluto — Intensity!

Midpoints: A Pluto Fanatic!

An excessive amount of Pluto aspects and midpoints gives you a vast storehouse of dynamic energy and power that demand careful channeling.

How are you handling this Pluto energy? The power and domination will apply to not only yourself but those around you. Does your intensity create a passion for achievement or an ineffective temporary fanaticism?

Are you ruthless, vengeful, a tyrant? Are others bending to your every whim, or are you being a doormat for someone else’s domination? Pluto will dominate or be dominated.

Here are some Pluto Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for love and energy:

PLUTO-SATURN - Intense Discipline

Effective: Have I developed persistence and perseverance in the attainment of goals in my life? Do I seek order, method, and discipline to accomplish? Have I developed endurance and tenacity in my character?

Ineffective: Have I become cold, hard, and unfeeling in seeking my goals in life? Do I maintain a harsh rigid attitude when I should be tolerant and humane? Am I sensitive to only my own feelings?

PLUTO-URANUS - Intense Change

Effective: Do my ideas create harmony for those around me? When I change routines is it done in a natural beneficial easy way for all?

Ineffective: Does my restlessness show up in wasted energy and constant change? Do I create upheavals by making unorthodox changes that affect others ineffectively? Is my impatience difficult to live with?

PLUTO-NEPTUNE - Intense Sensitivity

Effective: Does my heightened sensitivity build mental strength and understanding? Is there an effective outlet for my highly developed imagination or visionary talent?

Ineffective: Am I deceitful? Do I lie easily? Am I easily wounded and resort to malicious actions toward others? Are confusion and under-handed methods patterns of my life? Do I confuse genuine research of the psychic sciences with participation in sensation and drama? Does my abnormal sensitivity make me reclusive?

PLUTO-ASCENDANT -Intense Outlook

Effective: Do I have a challenging influence upon those within the environment? Is my outlook strong, commanding, and disciplined mentally?

Ineffective: Am I dominating and ruthless in my control upon those within my environment? Do I rule with an iron hand, allowing no individual development? Is my outlook tyrannical, ruthless, or obsessive with the need to control others?

PLUTO- M.C. - Intense Goals in Life

Effective: Is my fanatic energy directed fairly, honestly and correctly toward obtaining goals in my life?

Ineffective: Does getting ahead in the world overshadow everything? Am I ruthless and power hungry in reaching my life goals?

PLUTO-NODE - Intense Contacts - Fateful Contacts

Effective: Are the changes or transformations in the relationships I have with others beneficial to both?

Ineffective: Do I have upheavals in my relationships with others? Is one always dominating or using the other one in these relationships? Do these fateful contacts absorb too much of my life, undermining my discipline and correct way of living?

More about Pluto Aspects

All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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