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Neptune — Sensitivity

Neptune — Escape Artist!

If you have many Neptune contacts in your chart you must face the fact that you are not a reality person. Your longings and yearnings are off the ground.

This is very difficult for a partner, any kind of partner. He or she will always fall short of your Neptunian ‘false ideal.’ You will correct this by forcing yourself to see virtue in the reality side of your partner. A romantic partner will have serious flaws and be very difficult to live with.

Neptune contacts in your chart give you sensitivity and an intuitive understanding about the other person. You have an automatic inner knowledge about people. This same sensitivity and spirituality undermines healthy routine.

If you are a sensitive Neptune person and you already know this from the many Neptune contacts in your chart then you will always have to work at establishing consistent daily routine in your eating habits, sleeping habits, and exercise habits.

The fatal weakness of too much Neptune is lack of routine. This leads to confusion and escapism. You undermine yourself!

Escapism is, of course, something different to each individual. Escapism will take the form of alcohol, drugs, flights of fancy or even abnormal worry.

With many Neptune contacts in your chart you must have a creative outlet
for effective use of this energy. Some creative outlets for this energy would include music, dancing, painting, singing, photography, or study of the occult sciences.

Here are some Neptune Cosmobiology and Astrology interchanges for self-expression and emotions:

NEPTUNE-SUN - Idealistic Self Expression

Effective: Is my basic self expression intuitive and visionary versus emotional and utopian? Is my exceptional imagination used realistically? Have I developed a proper outlet for this creativity? Is my enthusiasm inspirational and invigorating or excessive and annoying?

Ineffective: Is irresponsibility a trait I am often guilty of? Am I always daydreaming without any follow-up action? Do I generate confusion where I should have routine and method? Am I too often vague and confused from lack of discipline in routine? Do I consistently let males undermine me? Has escapism become a pattern in my life?

NEPTUNE-MOON - Idealistic Emotions- Sudden Developing Energy

Effective: Am I sympathetic and understanding? Do I use my sensitivity and subtle ways to inspire others? This pertains especially to my unique understanding of the moods of family members and of women. Are my dreamy moods and excellent imagination used creatively? Is consistent routine a part of my life?

Ineffective: Am I always dissatisfied? Do I constantly find fault with myself and others? Am I a meddler? Am I vague and unreliable? Does my imagination cause mental instability? Is my idealism forever inconsistent with reality? Do I always believe of others what I want to believe instead of what is real, creating a pattern of undermining in my life? Do I consistently let females undermine me? Has escapism become a pattern in my life?


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All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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