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Neptune — Sensitivity

Neptune Midpoints — Escape Artist!

NEPTUNE-JUPITER - Idealistic Expansion

Effective: Am I a natural humanitarian? Does my highly creative devotional nature express itself in sensible generosity to others? Do I combine common sense along with my extreme idealism? Am I practical and reliable?

Ineffective: Is my fantasy life stronger than my reality? Do I pretend one thing and act another? Is phoniness a part of my make-up? Do people that really know me believe I cannot be trusted and am undependable? Am I over-generous and pompous? Do I talk about all the good things I do for everyone?

NEPTUNE-SATURN - Idealistic Discipline

Effective: Am I practical and sensible in my goals for the future? Do I use the shrewdness and opportunism in my makeup correctly, such as using key business timing or overcoming difficult situations? Do I possess a healthy combination of inspiration and common sense?

Ineffective: Am I anxious and easily depressed? Am I a cynic? Is there always deception or scandal in my relationships? Am I a parasite feeding on the strength, good will, or even money of another? Do I worry constantly? Am I dissatisfied a majority of the time? Could I be described as calculating or treacherous in the way I achieve my goals?

NEPTUNE-URANUS - Idealistic Development

Effective: Am I a practical visionary making my dreams and intuitive nature workable, usable, and possible? Do I show an effective application of the occult sciences through study or research?

Ineffective: Could I be described as an opportunist using my highly developed intuitive nature to exploit others? Are my feelings obsessive and restless instead of controlled and constrained? Is my interest in the occult primarily emotional and dramatic instead of practical mental application and study?

NEPTUNE PLUTO - Idealistic Intensity

Effective: Does my heightened sensitivity build mental strength and understanding? Is there an effective outlet for my highly developed imagination or visionary talent?

Ineffective: Am I deceitful? Do I lie easily? Am I easily wounded and resort to malicious actions toward others? Are confusion and under-handed methods patterns of my life? Do I confuse genuine research of the psychic sciences with participation in sensation and drama? Does my abnormal sensitivity make me reclusive?

NEPTUNE-ASCENDANT - Idealistic Outlook/Environment

Effective: Do I have high ideals? Am I sensitive to other’s feelings by understanding and helping them with their problems? Are kindness and empathy a natural part of my make-up and my environment?

Ineffective: Do I neglect consistent routine in my environment? Am I aware of undermining within the environment through certain individuals? Do I make a concentrated effort to offset this deception? Is my outlook dreamy and lacking initiative? Do I permit drugs, alcohol, and careless medication in my
environment to be used by myself or others? Am I a constant worrier or a constant critic when I should exercise the ‘analytical’ side of my make-up?

NEPTUNE- M.C. - Idealistic Ego or Goals in Life

Effective: Do I work at keeping practicality in my inspirational visionary aims in life? Do I concentrate on the future with optimism and work consistently at achieving my goals in life?

Ineffective: Do I allow myself to be deceived by not choosing carefully people who have the same ethical standards and principles in life that I have? Do I generate confusion for myself by not keeping routine and method in my work? Does lack of ego in my work create lack of perseverance?

NEPTUNE-NODE - Idealistic Contacts

Effective: Do the sensitive creative relationships I cultivate possess strong principles and ethics? Do I analyze more than criticize my acquaintances, allowing for human frailty?

Ineffective: Is there deception in my relationships? Do some of my relationships drain my confidence and energy? Is confusion and aimlessness generated through my contacts with others? Does escapism such as alcohol, drugs, excessive daydreaming, or worry come through certain contacts that I should avoid?


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All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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