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The Moon: Emotions and Personality!

The Moon and You!

The Moon represents your emotions, habits, mannerisms, personality, your mother, and the women in your life.

The Moon is harmony in its effective manifestation and indecision in its ineffective sense. The Moon will bring a certain oneness, congeniality, good feeling, and understanding when it is operating in an effective manner.

The Moon operating in an ineffective manner represents discord, incompatibility, disunity, rupture, breaks, dissension, and conflict.

Here are some sample Moon Cosmobiology and Astrology interchanges for expansion and discipline:

MOON-JUPITER - Emotional Expansion

Effective: Am I generous, sympathetic, and cooperative with a happy emotional outlook? Do I have a happy home and family situation? Have I created an avenue of expression for my business ability?

Ineffective: Am I careless and extravagant? Do my emotions contribute to indulgent habits that have ineffective effects on my health? Is my outlook weak with much inner conflict? Does too much popularity and gaiety have a debilitating effect on my life?

MOON-SATURN - Emotional Discipline

Effective: Is the acceptance of duty along with patience important in my life? Do I perform my obligations with a light heart and a sense of justice?

Do I graciously accept responsibility with elderly people? Am I reserved instead of inhibited? Do I exhibit a soft, quiet friendliness versus a basic discontentedness?

Ineffective: Is my family my whole life and everyone else considered an ‘outsider?’ Am I hypersensitive and do I avoid trusting anyone? Do I accept too much responsibility and make myself a martyr in the process?

Am I self denying to the point where life holds no joy for me? Do I feel unappreciated? Has emotional discipline from early years made me cold and selfish in my present relationships? Do I maintain an emotional ‘warp’ by returning to the hard times from my past?

More about Aspects

All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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