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The Moon: Emotions and Personality!

Midpoints: The Moon and You!

The Moon represents your emotions, habits, mannerisms, personality, your mother, and the women in your life.

The Moon is harmony in its effective manifestation and indecision in its ineffective sense. The Moon will bring a certain oneness, congeniality, good feeling, and understanding when it is operating in an effective manner.

The Moon operating in an ineffective manner represents discord, incompatibility, disunity, rupture, breaks, dissension, and conflict.

Here are some sample Moon Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for expansion and discipline:

MOON-SUN - Emotional Individuality

Effective: Are my opposite sex relationships easy and comfortable? Is my make-up harmonious? Do I maintain a feeling of brotherhood, comradeship, congeniality and understanding in my relationships?

Ineffective: Are my opposite sex relationships difficult and uncomfortable? Is my make-up impatient and dissatisfied? Do I maintain a feeling of dissatisfaction, fretfulness, and annoyance in my relationships? Am I easily angered, cranky and restless most of the time?

MOON-MERCURY - Emotional Thinking

Effective: Do I use my mental sensitivity to others to make an effective working relationship? Have I worked toward mental and emotional harmony in my relationships with others?

Ineffective: Does my mental sensitivity make me hypersensitive and reclusive? Do I spend a lot of time indulging in worthless gossip? Am I prone to lying?

MOON-VENUS - Emotional Love

Effective: Does my type of love and companionship bring refinement, harmony, warmth, and love to others? Is there generated a deep warmth and harmony between myself and others? Do I inspire happy emotional reactions from others in my close relationships?

Ineffective: Does my type of love take away or dissipate another emotionally? Do my tastes radically differ from others causing constant irritability, moodiness, and impossible adjustments? Do I encourage indulgence in another especially regarding appetite or passion?

MOON-MARS - Emotional Energy

Effective: Am I sincere, frank, and trustworthy? Have my strong willed emotions been disciplined? Do I routinely use health habits and avoid excess in food and drink? Am I a strongly principled person with candid and frank
opinions? Have I developed the intellectual side of my makeup? Do I help the members of my family develop the effective use of their energies? Do I place proper limits with both my husband and my mother so my own life develops?

Ineffective: Do my strong emotions run rampant, causing me illnesses such as chronic indigestion, headaches, even ulcers? Do I tolerate domineering from my husband and mother to the point of smothering my own self? Do I engage in self indulgences such as overeating, drinking, even sexual experimentation?
Have my strong willed emotions been disciplined or am I always rebellious and intolerant?

MOON-JUPITER - Emotional Expansion

Effective: Am I generous, sympathetic, and cooperative with a happy emotional outlook? Do I have a happy home and family situation? Have I created an avenue of expression for my business ability?

Ineffective: Am I careless and extravagant? Do my emotions contribute to indulgent habits that have ineffective effects on my health? Is my outlook weak with much inner conflict? Does too much popularity and gaiety have a debilitating effect on my life?

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