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The Moon: Emotions and Personality!

Midpoints: The Moon and You!

The Moon represents your emotions, habits, mannerisms, personality, your mother, and the women in your life.

The Moon is harmony in its effective manifestation and indecision in its ineffective sense. The Moon will bring a certain oneness, congeniality, good feeling, and understanding when it is operating in an effective manner.

The Moon operating in an ineffective manner represents discord, incompatibility, disunity, rupture, breaks, dissension, and conflict.

Here are some sample Moon Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for expansion and discipline:

MOON-SATURN - Emotional Discipline

Effective: Is the acceptance of duty along with patience important in my life? Do I perform my obligations with a light heart and a sense of justice?
Do I graciously accept responsibility with elderly people? Am I reserved instead of inhibited? Do I exhibit a soft, quiet friendliness versus a basic discontentedness?

Ineffective: Is my family my whole life and everyone else considered an ‘outsider?’ Am I hypersensitive and avoid trusting anyone? Do I accept too much responsibility and make myself a martyr in the process? Am I self denying to the point where life holds no joy for me? Do I feel unappreciated? Has emotional discipline from early years made me cold and selfish in my present relationships? Do I maintain an emotional ‘warp’ by returning to the hard times from my past?

MOON-URANUS - Emotional Suddenness

Effective: Is my intuitive or psychic ability channeled mentally to offset emotionalism? Do I use my natural magnetism and originality in an unassuming way? Are my domestic changes thought through and not carried out in nervous haste? Do I use my scientific aptitude to understand
myself and others through study? Astrology and Cosmobiology are subjects that will give me understanding of myself and others.

Ineffective: Am I erratic and easily annoyed? Do I resent another’s help or guidance? Am I abrupt, rebellious, and touchy even when it comes to a mere suggestion from another? Is it my way or no way? Am I eccentric? Do I create domestic unhappiness by upsetting the home routine in some way such as being consistently late for dinner? Does the entire household constantly have to work around my temperament in order to have harmony?

MOON-NEPTUNE - Emotional Idealism

Effective: Am I sympathetic and understanding? Do I use my sensitivity and subtle ways to inspire others? This pertains especially to my unique understanding of the moods of family members and of women. Are my dreamy moods and excellent imagination used creatively? Is consistent routine a part of my life?

Ineffective: Am I always dissatisfied? Do I constantly find fault with myself and others? Am I a meddler? Am I vague and unreliable? Does my imagination cause mental instability? Is my idealism forever inconsistent with reality? Do I always believe of others what I want to believe instead of what is real, creating a pattern of undermining in my life? Do I consistently let females undermine me? Has escapism become a pattern in my life?

MOON-PLUTO - Emotional Intensity

Effective: Are my fanatic emotions practical and helpful? Is my sensitivity highly responsive to other’s feelings? Does my sentimentality become tender emotion shown toward others? Is my creative imagination consistent with reality?

Ineffective: Do I exhibit violent emotional outbursts? Am I too often hurt and easily offended? Is my intolerance difficult to live with? Are my explosive outbursts the cause of great sorrow to others?

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All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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