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Mercury: Thinking and Communication!

Midpoints: The Intellectual Planet!

This is the mental stellar body. Mercury in its effective manifestation represents logic, common sense, and organization. Mercury in its ineffective manifestation represents aimlessness, lack of clarity and the ability to be objective.

Mercury with Saturn will cause great mental discipline or great mental depression. Mercury with Neptune will be the idealistic mind or the confused mind. As you read the following contacts with Mercury, you will soon know if you are reacting to the effective or the ineffective manifestation.

Here are some sample Mercury Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for idealism and intensity:

MERCURY-SUN - Mental Self Expression

Effective: Am I objective in my relationships with others? Do I try to see their side of things? Have I worked toward developing the intellectual side of my make-up through serious study of some kind?

Ineffective: Do I engender narrowness in my relationships with others? Do I force my narrow opinions and life style on others?

MERCURY-MOON - Mental Emotions

Effective: Do I use my mental sensitivity to others to make a healthy working relationship? Have I worked toward mentalemotional harmony in my relationships with others?

Ineffective: Does my mental sensitivity make me hypersensitive and reclusive? Do I spend a lot of time indulging in worthless gossip? Am I prone to lying?

MERCURY-VENUS - Mental Love or Creativity

Effective: Do I encourage creativity and refinement in another’s thinking? Does my friendship bring out the best in the other’s intellect? Is there true mental affection in my relationships?

Ineffective: Does my lack of understanding in my relationships foster irritation and coldness? Do I dissipate another’s mental energy through unloving disapproval?

MERCURY-MARS - Mental Energy

Effective: Do I use my great mental intensity in debate, writing, or some other constructive area to channel the intense mental aggressiveness? Do I maintain rest and diet patterns to offset my nervous temperament?

Ineffective: Am I fault-finding, prejudiced, and obstinate? Am I touchy, snappish, cranky, and impatient? Do I have bitter quarrels with others?

MERCURY-JUPITER - Mental Expansion

Effective: Am I calm and patient under trying circumstances? Do I have a strong optimistic attitude? Have I created an outlet for my inspirational skill in speaking and writing, and ability as a teacher, writer, lecturer, or lawyer? Do I have harmonious friendships? Do I show my genuine concern for human beings such as philanthropic work or donations for the needy?

Ineffective: Am I guilty of not tolerating beliefs or manners different from my own as in politics or religious matters? Am I unwilling to tolerate any opinions or attitudes that differ from mine?

MERCURY-SATURN - Mental Discipline

Effective: Is there a studious side to my make-up that I work at? Am I patient, methodical, and persistent in my work? Do I possess a clean conscience? Do I keep order in my life through a well planned system and routine? Do I balance my checkbook, accept responsibility, and methodically work? Am I an active
student, eager to study, learn, and teach others?

Ineffective: Do I become too introspective and depressed as a result of this self-centeredness? Am I overly suspicious of others? Am I devious? Is pessimism too much a part of my make-up? Am I sarcastic where I should understand? Are my ideas stodgy and not open to suggestion or improvement

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