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Mercury: Thinking and Communication!

The Intellectual Planet!

This is the mental stellar body. Mercury in its effective manifestation represents logic, common sense, and organization. Mercury in its ineffective manifestation represents aimlessness, lack of clarity and the ability to be objective.

Mercury with Saturn will cause great mental discipline or great mental depression. Mercury with Neptune will be the idealistic mind or the confused mind. As you read the following contacts with Mercury, you will soon know if you are reacting to the effective or the ineffective manifestation.

Here are some sample Mercury Cosmobiology and Astrology interchanges for idealism and intensity:

MERCURY-NEPTUNE - Mental Idealism

Effective: Do I have a healthy outlet for my highly creative mind? Do I cultivate strong disciplined thinking using my highly tuned mental insights? Am I careful in choosing my companions? Do they have strong principles and live by these principles?

Ineffective: Do I retreat and seclude myself because of my extreme sensitivity? Is self deception and scheming a pattern in my life?

Do I draw a weak line on lying, cheating and stealing, telling myself that because the incident is small it does not matter? Does my deceptive thinking often lead me into avenues of escapism?

MERCURY-PLUTO - Mental Intensity

Effective: Is my fanatic thinking directed toward beneficial channels? How do I use my excellent persuasive ability? Does my quick analytical mind have an outlet in some mental work?

Ineffective: Am I too often irritable, impatient, and caustic with others? Do I contradict constantly? Am I unable to forget slights? Am I accused of being a mental tyrant, running everyone’s life? Do I argue past the point of good taste?

More about Aspects

All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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