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Mars - Stellar Body of Energy!

Mars Midpoints mean Action!

Mars is the stellar body of energy and activity. Mars energizes and initiates activity with each stellar body it contacts according to the nature of that stellar body.

A person with an abundance of Mars aspects and midpoints will have available a tremendous amount of energy initiative and capacity for vigorous action. Used properly, this Mars energy will initiate healthy activity for yourself as well as others.

However, if used improperly, Mars will brutalize either mentally or physically. Mars in the Ineffective is harsh, caustic, and even cruel.

Here are some Mars Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for self-expression and emotions:

MARS-SUN - Energetic Self Expression

Effective: Do I use deliberation and caution with my great amount of energy, ambition, initiative, and personal action? Have I found a physical outlet for this excess energy? Effective outlets for a strong Mars are sports, out-door activities, metal work, or schedules of physical exercise.

Ineffective: Am I impulsive, overly aggressive and always in conflict with those in authority? Do I argue, quarrel, and even resort to physical combat often? Do I over exert myself, putting myself under physical strain? Am I guilty of a pattern of risk taking that causes accidents for me? Do I place proper limits with both my father and males in my life?

MARS-MOON - Energetic Emotions

Effective: Am I sincere, frank, and trustworthy? Have my strong willed emotions been disciplined? Do I use routine health habits and avoid excess in food and drink?

Am I a strongly principled person with candid and frank opinions? Have I developed the intellectual side of my make-up? Do I help the members of my family develop the Effective use of their energies? Do I place proper limits with both my husband and my mother so my own life develops?

Ineffective: Do my strong emotions run rampant, causing me illnesses such as chronic indigestion, headaches, even ulcers?

Do I tolerate domineering from my husband and mother to the point of smothering my own self? Do I engage in self indulgences such as overeating, drinking, even sexual experimentation? Have my strong willed emotions been disciplined or am I always rebellious and intolerant?

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