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Mars - Stellar Body of Energy!

Mars Midpoints mean Action!

MARS-MERCURY - Energetic Thinking

Effective: Do I use my great mental intensity in debate, writing, or some other constructive area to channel the intense mental aggressiveness? Do I maintain rest and diet patterns to offset my nervous temperament?

Ineffective: Am I fault-finding, prejudiced, and obstinate? Am I touchy, snappish, cranky, and impatient? Do I have bitter quarrels with others?

MARS-VENUS - Energetic Love or Creativity

Effective: Do I exhibit enthusiasm in my social activity or in my creativity? Do I use tactfulness and discretion in my sexual relationships? Do I feed my strong creative drive with disciplined artistic study?

Ineffective: Does my emotional excitement and strong sex drive constantly create problems for me? Am I guilty of indulgence, leading to constant dissatisfaction, discontent, and loss of character?

MARS-JUPITER - Energetic Expansion

Effective: Do I have consistent energy and enthusiasm about life - not just energetic fits and starts? Is my outlook philosophical and inspirational? Am I honest, straight forward and just? Am I prudent with my generosity? Do I work well with others?

Ineffective: Is my extravagance a problem for me? Am I reckless when I should be careful? Am I skeptical instead of believing? Do I do things in slapdash fashion? Does lack of moderation in my physical strength deplete my powers? Is wastefulness a pattern in my life? Do I lack self control in food and drink?

MARS-SATURN - Energetic Discipline

Effective: Am I persistent and hard working or do I allow myself to become angry and melancholy? Do I maintain a philosophic outlook in regard to any thwarting pattern of my life? Do I take advantage of the executive ability in your makeup? Do I perform your duties quietly and consistently no matter how large the burden?

Ineffective: Am I always furious or depressed from the constant frustration pattern of your life? Have I become cold and unfeeling in regard to the struggles of others? Am I ever dishonest in order to attain materialistic goals? Do I exhibit an element of cruelty or brutality -- either mental or physical?

MARS-URANUS - Energetic Change

Effective: Does my natural aggressive, forceful, dominant nature have stability and purpose? Am I a leader without using force? Do I educate or train my natural scientific ability? Do I engage in a rigorous sport as an outlet for my above average physical strength? Have I explored the fields of science, electronics, or mechanics as a development for my progressive energy? Astrology and Cosmobiology are natural channels for Mars/Uranus mental

Ineffective: Do I constantly work at controlling my violent temper? Am I cautious with machinery? Am I accident prone? Has the pattern increased? Am I careless with guns, explosives, even fireworks, exposing myself and others to needless physical danger? Do I end friendships suddenly because of extreme independence? Am I revolutionary in my thinking?


Effective: Is my inspirational and intuitive energy directed toward creating better conditions in life? Do I have a health pattern in regard to diet, sleep, and exercise? Does my enthusiastic imagination have an outlet such as story telling, writing, or painting?

Does my energetic kindness give comfort to those less fortunate? An effective Neptune/Mars will be the helpful neighbor, the volunteer worker at the hospital or the co-operative in-law.

Ineffective: Does my emotionalism create undependable and confusing conditions? Am I a pretender and a bluffer about important issues in life? Do I constantly generate fears even about the slightest thing? Do I have a pattern of deception in my relationships? Do I have self delusion about my relationships, seeing them how I want to see them, not the way they are? Am I an experimenter craving sensational excesses in the forms of alcohol, drugs, or sex?

MARS-PLUTO - Energetic Intensity

Effective: Do I consider another’s ideas or does my natural dominating energy rule by strength and force? Does my courage and strength in action benefit other’s lives? Is my sexual strength under control? Do I initiate productive ventures? Do I maintain a physical outlet for my fanatic energy in a contact sport such as football or karate?

Ineffective: Am I constantly jealous and envious of other’s good fortune? Am I ruthless in arriving at my ends? Are my actions brutal and cruel? Has lustfulness torn my life apart? Am I coarse, vulgar, and even lewd?

MARS-ASCENDANT - Energetic Outlook or Environment

Effective: Is teamwork that I instigate energetic, enthusiastic, and fun? Does the energy that I bring to the environment drive others in an inspirational way to accomplishment? Is my energetic outlook expressed as frankness and honesty?

Ineffective: Instead of providing effective teamwork do I brutalize others with my impatient energy to get things done? Is my energetic outlook expressed as cruelty and unnecessary brutal frankness? Does any teamwork that I am a part of involve quarrels, arguments, and frustration?

MARS- M.C. - Energetic Life Goals or Career

Effective: Am I energetic in the pursuit of my career? Do I make effective decisions? Do I work at my life goals with determination and perseverance?

Ineffective: Am I brutal and cruel to others in the pursuit of my goals in life? Do I work toward my goals in life thru angry quarrels and violent arguments?

MARS-NODE - Energetic Acquaintances

Effective: Are my companions or contacts in life energetic, forceful, and enthusiastic? Do I have vital conversations sometimes involving energetic arguments and debates with these contacts?

Ineffective: Are my companions or contacts brutal, cruel, and rebellious? Am I constantly fighting or quarreling with these contacts? Is there often violence involved with my companions?

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All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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