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Jupiter — Opportunity and Expansion!

Discover the possibilities of Jupiter Midpoints!

Jupiter is the stellar body that brings opportunities or expansion into your life. These opportunities must be handled with moderation and restraint.

With the proper managing of Jupiter, using some Saturn discipline, you will naturally create a combination of circumstances that will bring favorable benefits and opportunities into your life.

Your timing will be right and your philosophy of life strong when Jupiter is operating Effectively. Too much Jupiter, with no discipline, will push you past reasonable or moderate limits.

This excess will show up in some area of your life such as greed, lust, or over-eating. Wastefulness and overindulgence are two Ineffective Jupiter traits that must be watched.

Here are some Jupiter Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for energy and discipline:

JUPITER-MARS - Love or Creative Energy

Effective: Do I have consistent energy and enthusiasm about life - not just energetic fits and starts? Is my outlook philosophical and ‘inspirational?
Am I honest, straightforward, and just? Am I prudent with my generosity? Do I work well with others’?

Ineffective: Is my extravagance a problem for me? Am I reckless when I should be careful? Am I skeptical instead of believing? Do I do things in slapdash fashion? Does lack of moderation in my physical strength deplete my powers? Is wastefulness a pattern in my life? Do I lack self control in food and drink?

JUPITER-SATURN - Love or Creative Expansion

Effective: Am I wise beyond my years with a strong philosophic outlook? Is common sense the better part of my nature? Am I dependable and extremely trustworthy?

Do I work doggedly at a slow steady consistent pace to reach my goals in life? Do I show thoughtful consideration of others? Do I have a religious background that I draw some of my profound thinking from?

Ineffective: Am I a narrow biased moralist? Do I become despondent easily? Is it hard for me to accept the slowness of my life’s progress? Am I materialistic and indifferent? Do I lack initiative when I should be enterprising at a very moderate level? Do I dwell on suicide thoughts?

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