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Jupiter — Opportunity and Expansion!

Discover the possibilities of Jupiter Midpoints!

JUPITER-URANUS - Expanded Development

Effective: Are my innate talents of originality and superior mental powers put to effective use through study or training of some kind? Do I use my potent organizing and planning ability to progress my life and the lives of others?
Do I have a strong philosophical outlook? Do I take advantage of easy opportunities that come my way?

Ineffective: Am I arrogant, rebellious, and wasteful? Do I insist on freedom without responsibility? Do I lack discipline to cultivate use of my outstanding mental ability? Do I work at being different just to draw attention?

JUPITER-NEPTUNE - Expanded Idealism

Effective: Am I a natural humanitarian? Does my highly creative devotional nature express itself in sensible generosity to others? Do I combine common sense along with my extreme idealism? Am I practical and reliable?

Ineffective: Is my fantasy life stronger than my reality? Do I pretend one thing and act another? Is phoniness a part of my make-up? Do people that really know me believe I cannot be trusted and am undependable? Am I over-generous and pompous? Do I talk about all the good things I do for everyone?

JUPITER-PLUTO - Expanded Intensity

Effective: Do the opportunities I take advantage of lead to the correct development of power? Have I developed and do I live by a strong philosophic outlook? Is my ambition noble and an energy I am proud of?

Ineffective: Am I too often described as arrogant, insolent, insulting, or haughty? Are there visible signs of a pattern of waste in my life? Is extravagance a part of my make-up?

JUPITER-ASCENDANT - Expanded Outlook or Environment

Effective: Is my outlook pleasing and good natured? Am I easy and agreeable? Do I maintain a harmonious environment and have a clear attitude with people? Are my relationships beneficial and helpful for those in my environment?

Ineffective: Is my outlook overbearing, conceited, vain, or egotistical? Is there always dissension in my environment? Am I the cause of constant conflict in my environment? Am I antagonistic, always squabbling with someone? Is there definite evidence of wastefulness in my environment?

JUPITER- M.C. - Expanded Ego

Effective: Do I make great efforts to fulfill my goals or objectives in life? Do I maintain a strong philosophic outlook and a solid reputation in my struggle for success?

Ineffective: Do I let my strong desire to succeed and achieve something become nothing more than actions that are showy and pretentious? Does my thinking in regard to my career and ego drives lack common sense? Does my desire for importance lack all humility?

JUPITER-NODE - Expanded Contacts

Effective: Do I bring compatibility and harmony to my many acquaintances? Do I use wisely the opportunities available in my relationships?

Ineffective: Am I tactless and awkward in my relationships? Am I wasteful and over indulgent in my friendships? Do I pass up beneficial opportunities out of sheer laziness?

More about Jupiter Aspects

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