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The M.C. — Career Goals

Midpoints: The M.C. is a path to worldly success!

M.C. (MIDHEAVEN) - Stellar body of Ego or Life Goals!

The M.C. is the Ego that fosters the individual's concept of himself as a unique entity. The M.C. represents the conscious ideal of personal excellence toward which an individual strives.

This is his/her feeling of self importance, self esteem, or self image. Thus you will see the enormous significance of the stellar body contacts to the M.C.

Here are some M.C. Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for self-expression and emotions:

M.C.-SUN - Ego Self Expression

Effective: Am I confident and secure in my aims in life? Do I work at these goals persistently, faithfully and reliably?
Ineffective: Do I constantly create unreal goals in life? Am I arrogant or apathetic in regard to planning for the future? Do I lack common sense in regard to proceeding toward future directions?

M.C.-MOON - Ego Emotions

Effective: Are my goals and aims in life steady and unchanging? Are my relations with women and the public harmonious and adaptable?

Ineffective: Am I constantly vacillating? Do I lack adaptability in my relationships with women and with the public? Am I apathetic in planning goals in life?The Ascendant represents your outlook, the way you look at life. Are you passive and easily manipulated? Are you forceful with a tendency to dominate? Is the way you view life cynical and depressing? Do you see others in a philosophic way, wanting to help and care for them?

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