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The M.C. — Career Goals

Midpoints: The M.C. is a path to worldly success!

M.C.-MERCURY - Ego Thinking

Effective: Do I maintain a sound mental outlook about my goals in life? Do I work daily at definite plans for the future? Are my life goals a result of logical, common sense thinking and effective organization and planning?

Ineffective: Am I aimless in future plans? Do I ‘hitch my wagon to a star’ instead of using concrete, well-planned steps toward sensible future growth? Is there lack of direction in my goals in life?

M.C.-VENUS - Ego Love

Effective: Do I bring kindness and harmony to my relationships? Is there real value or worth in my relationships as well as in my goals and aims in life?

Ineffective: Do I have excessive pride or vanity in my own
appearance and achievements? Are my aims in life egocentric
and shallow?

M.C.-MARS - Ego Career

Effective: Am I energetic in the pursuit of my career? Do I make effective decisions? Do I work at my life goals with determination and perseverance?

Ineffective: Am I brutal and cruel to others in the pursuit of my goals in life? Do I work toward my goals in life thru angry quarrels and violent arguments?

M.C.-JUPITER - Ego Expansion

Effective: Do I make great efforts to fulfill my goals or objectives in life? Do I maintain a strong philosophic outlook and a solid reputation in my struggle for success?

Ineffective: Do I let my strong desire to succeed and achieve something become nothing more than actions that are showy and pretentious? Does my thinking in regard to my career and ego drives lack common sense? Does my desire for importance lack all humility?

M.C.-SATURN - Ego Discipline

Effective: Am I determined and persevering in my ambitions and goals in life? Have I been able to accept philosophically that there have been circumstances beyond my control? Have I seen the advantage of the patience and tolerance I’ve developed from past obstacles? Do I deal effectively with suffocating family conditions and circumstances?

Ineffective: Do I lose hope and abandon my life goals easily? Do I seclude myself from people? Have I chosen depression and pessimism because of the weight of my burdens? Am I unable to realize that all of us have trials in life? Have I completely rejected and separated from the family unjustly?

M.C.-URANUS - Ego Development

Effective: Do my creative ideas in regard to my goals in life have stability and purpose along with their extreme originality? Do I maintain a formulated method or plan of working toward my life objectives or am I erratic and unorganized in regard to my future objectives?

Ineffective: Am I disruptive in my career or life aim ideas? An example being an individual who accepts job changes without discussing these changes with the partner or family who are also affected.

M.C.-NEPTUNE - Ego Idealism

Effective: Do I work at keeping practicality in my inspirational visionary aims in life? Do I concentrate on the future with optimism and work consistently at achieving my goals in life?

Ineffective: Do I allow myself to be deceived by not choosing carefully people who have the same ethical standards and principles in life that I have? Do I generate confusion for myself by not keeping routine and method in my work? Does lack of ego in my work create lack of perseverance?

M.C.-PLUTO - Ego Intensity

Effective: Is my fanatic energy directed fairly, honestly and correctly toward obtaining goals in my life?

Ineffective: Does getting ahead in the world over-shadow everything? Am I ruthless and power hungry in reaching my life goals?

M.C.-ASCENDANT - Ego Outlook

Effective: Does my ego-oriented outlook benefit the people with whom I work or live? In other words do the goals and aims in life that I pursue hold an advantage for those within my environment?

Ineffective: Does my ego-oriented outlook take away from the development of the people with whom I work or live? In other words do the goals and aims in life that I pursue impede or hinder the progress of those within my environment?

M.C.-NODE - Ego Contacts

Effective: Do I have understanding and mutual agreement with the contacts and acquaintances that help build my ego? Are these contacts self confident, disciplined, persevering individuals?

Ineffective: Am I in conflict with the contacts and acquaintances that help build my ego? Are these contacts arrogant, extravagant, and aimless individuals?

More about MC Aspects

All these aspects are taken from the complete Self-Analysis chapter in Midpoint Synastry Simplified. Click here to see more excerpts from Chapter 1, Chapter 4 or Chapter 6.

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