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The Ascendant — Your Outlook on Life!

The Ascendant Midpoints - Outlook and Environment!

The Ascendant represents your outlook, the way you look at life. Are you passive and easily manipulated? Are you forceful with a tendency to dominate? Is the way you view life cynical and depressing? Do you see others in a philosophic way, wanting to help and care for them?

The Ascendant outlook will work in harmony or in conflict with your other stellar bodies. For example, if you are a Capricorn Ascendant with a Saturn contact you will have a cynical tendency.

If you have a Leo Sun with this Saturn Capricorn Ascendant then the two will conflict at times. The Leo Sun will want friends and affection, but the Capricorn Ascendant with the Saturn contact will not trust anyone.

Your outlook creates your environment. A weak outlook inevitably brings a weak environment just as a strong outlook will inevitably build a strong environment.

A disciplined Pisces Ascendant will create an environment full of love and understanding. An undisciplined Pisces Ascendant will create a confused chaotic environment.

A disciplined Capricorn will create a stern environment where all members in the environment develop discipline and strength.

An Ineffective Capricorn Ascendant will create a cold, isolated, hostile environment where the members develop a lack of confidence and a sense of loneliness.

Here are some Ascendant Cosmobiology and Astrology midpoints for mental outlook and love:

ASCENDANT-MERCURY - Mental Outlook/Environment

Effective: Do I have many enjoyable mental acquaintances within my environment? Do I use my strong intellect rather than my emotions to understand the frailties of others in my environment?

Ineffective: Do I criticize and make fun of other's weaknesses? Am I always finding fault with those within my environment? Am I caustic and belittling with others when I could offer help and understanding?

ASCENDANT-VENUS - Loving Outlook/Environment

Effective: Do I bring harmony to the relationships within my environment? Do I strive for balance in my home or work relationships so both parties benefit? Do I maintain a certain refinement in my contacts? Is my outlook usually in accord with others or do I maintain a pleasing arrangement with others?

Ineffective: Am I lazy and careless in my relationships at home or at work? Do I let others carry my load? Is my outlook in regard to those with whom I share my home parasitic? Do I feel my family or those close to me owe me a living? Do I consider another’s ideas or does my natural dominating energy rule by strength and force? Does my courage and strength in action benefit other’s lives? Is my sexual strength under control? Do I initiate productive ventures?

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