Midpoint Keyword Compendium

Midpoint Keyword Compendium provides a quick and complete guide to keyword interpretation for all Astrology and Cosmobiology lovers!


This handy book holds bold new concepts hidden within the numerous organized lists of cosmobiology keyword interpretations that describe dynamic planetary influence. Certain keyword arrangements will fill your mind with exciting new insights about your temperament.


These specific and precisely chosen descriptions are unique and will help you create a complete and professional chart analysis.


There are four areas of emphasis within the Midpoint Keyword Compendium, starting with aspect interpretation (Astrology) and midpoint interpretation (Cosmobiology).


This helps you understand the planetary influence in your life and the effects on your emotional, intellectual and psychological makeup.


Synastry relationship discoveries describe the reaction of one individual upon another. You clearly see the powerful influences that are encountered every time you contact another human being. Importantly, you will learn how to control these potent energy reactions on a day-to-day basis.


The last chapter, Forecasting, provides the tools that you need for easy and quick anticipation of future events using midpoint astrology. You will skillfully learn to apply explanations from your natal planetary combinations to predict emerging life situations.


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Midpoint Keyword Compendium